2024 Design Forum Sponsor/Exhibit
Gemba Walks for Construction
Industry Day
A Lean Coffee
Discovering Lean Success: Roche/Genentech's Transformation
Real Talk: Why Project Owners Want Prefab and How Our
A Lean Coffee
Target Value Delivery In Use
Lean Coffee
Lean Happy Hour
Introduction to Choosing by Advantages Sound Decisionmaking
3rd Annual Lean Golf
A Lean Coffee
Lean Coffee: Facilitations - In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid;
Introduction to LCI Influencing Up for Lean Transformation
GC's and Trade Partners: Better Together
Lean & Takt Construction
Lean Safety in Action: ASUS’s Methods, Metrics, & Tools
Crafting a Team focused on capitalizing the value of prefabr
Mastering Trust: An Essential Skill for Effective Coaching
A Lean Coffee
High-Performance Leadership - Advanced Skills
New Lean Labor Planning Methods for MEP Contractors
A Lean Coffee RALEIGH
LCI Congress Previews
Implementing Lean Methods to Increase Job Site Efficiency
Avoiding Chaos in A3 Format
A Lean Coffee - GREENVILLE
A Lean Coffee - CHARLOTTE
A Hybrid Lean Coffee
Lean Construction Scheduling; Takt Planning
A Virtual Lean Coffee - Managing Your Congress Experience
A Virtual Lean Coffee
Lean Cocktails
Lean In Action: Lean into the Resistance (Congress Preview)
LCI Congress Sneak Peek 2023
Target Value Delivery (TVD)
LCI Virtual Member Hub Group Tour
LCI Chicago Student CoP Fall Kickoff
How to Regain 100 Construction Days with AI-Powered Planning
Fast Flicks: Lean Integration
Congress Preview Event
MADISON AREA - Getting Started on Lean
LPS®: People + Tech with Bosch RefinemySite
Get Lean(er) on the Jobsite with Reality Capture
Unlock Potential and Increase Efficiency with Pods & Panels
A3 Problem Solving: Unleash Your Problem-Solving Potential
Digital Strategies Drive Lean Insights
Simplify Your Construction Planning: Go Digital with Hoylu
Lean Congress Presentation Preview
A Lean Method Eliminates Trade Damage on Welded Metal Frames
A Virtual Lean Coffee
In-Person Lean Coffee
How OpenSpace Reality Capture Connects Field & Office Teams
Real-Time Analytics Meets Patented Pull Planning
Reliable Workflow: The Parade of Trades Simulation and a
Appropriate Use of Prefabrication
3rd Annual Innovation Fair
A Lean Coffee
A Lean Coffee
An IN-PERSON Lean Coffee
Measuring Continuous Improvement: The Last Planner System®
Groundbreaking Career Fair!
LCI Golf Event
25th Annual LCI Congress in Detroit, MI
Silent Auction at 2023 Congress Detroit
IPD for Small Projects
A Lean Coffee
A Lean Coffee - GREENVILLE
A Lean Coffee RALEIGH
A Lean Brew
A Lean Coffee - CHARLOTTE
Measuring Continuous Improvement: Shop Products and Library
Process Mapping
IPD IMBY – The Sky’s the Limit
A Collaborative Roadmap for Navigating Complex Projects
Torque Converters: Construction shifts into overdrive
Lean Happy Hour - Building Momentum for 2024
A Lean Coffee
Lean Espresso - An Intense Lean Coffee
Maximizing Project Performance through Data and Culture
Lean Cocktail: Sharing Prefab Best Practices
A Lean Coffee - Congress Recap
First-Hand Perspective on Certification From LCI-CPCs
GEMBA Walk: Leveraging Lean and Integrated Project delivery
Moving the Needle: Hyper Collaboration for
A Lean Coffee
Two Lean Coaches Analyze LPS® Successes/Failures
Lean “Reindeer Games” Simulations
Lean Cocktails with DIRTT
Lean Watch Party
Addressing Mental Health in the Construction Industry
Principles of Target Value Delivery (TVD)
Mid Holiday Break!
Future-Proofing Construction:
A Lean Coffee (CHARLOTTE)
A Lean Coffee - GREENVILLE
Lean Coffee RALEIGH
5S in Lean Construction
Future-Proofing Construction:
A Lean Coffee
Lean Conversations: Trust in the Workplace
Pull Planning in Design
A Virtual Lean Coffee
LCI & DBIA - Collaborating Together
2024 Kick-Off - A Lean Coffee
Mindset of an Effective Big Room
LCI 2023 Congress Recap – Get Inspired to
Lean Happy Hour
2024 Event Preview (... ... and MORE!)
A Lean Coffee - FOX VALLEY
GEMBA Tour: Modular Prefabrication Shop -
2023 LCI Congress Takeaways
Skills for Effective Lean Coaching
OAKLAND Lean Happy Hour: Hot issues for 2024
SACRAMENTO Lean Happy Hour: Hot issues for 2024
A Hybrid Lean Coffee
Writing Effective RFPs for Lean Projects
Lean Beer & 2024 Look Ahead
A Lean Coffee
Lean is about the People
Lean Cocktail: 2024 Events Overview & Sponsor Appreciation
A Virtual Lean Coffee
Lean Coffee - Takt Planning
Creating Flow During Construction: A Panel Discussion
An IN-PERSON Lean Coffee
Talking with the Trades – A focused Lean Brew
Lean Happy Hour
A Lean Brew
Lean: What is it? Why should I use it? How Can I apply it?
Lean Brew
Lean Breakfast - 2023 Recap and Roadmap to 2024
Introduction to Lean Project Delivery
Lean Pizza (Chicago Student CoP)
How To Be Lean When Others Around You Are Not
A Virtual Lean Coffee
A Lean Coffee - MADISON
LCI Lean Learning Series: A3 Thinking
Building Strong Teams - Three Perspectives
5S and Lean
Prefabrication and Construction (Chicago Student CoP)
LCI Certification: What Is the Difference?
A Lean Coffee
A Lean Coffee
A Lean Happy Hour - FOX VALLEY
A Lean Coffee in RALEIGH
Lean Beer - 2024 Kick-off
Mistakeproofing – A Serious Game
A Lean Coffee
A Lean Coffee - GREENVILLE
A Hybrid Lean Coffee
Shop Walk at SC Steel
Lean Manufacturing Tour hosted by Dantherm Cooling
A Lean Coffee
A Lean Coffee - DAYTON
A Lean Coffee - CHARLOTTE
Lean Coffee: Mental Health and Respect for People
A Lean Coffee
Building a Lean Culture: Transforming Your Organization for
A3 Hands-On Workshop
LEAN: Establishing Conditions of Satisfaction
Introduction to the Last Planner System®
Last Planner System Simulations
Creating Flow During Construction: Takt Planning
Spring into a Lean Coffee
High-Performance Leadership - Advanced Skills
The Golden Principles to Building Strong and Effective Teams
Creating Flow During Construction: ISU TIEB Jobsite Tour
Virtual LCI Lean Coffee with Tammy McConaughy
Lean on the Front Line: A Conversation with Superintendents
Weekly Planning & Increasing Reliability (Series 1 of 3)
A Lean Coffee
Moving the Needle:
A Virtual Lean Coffee
Shift The Safety Paradigm Using Injury & Fatality Research
Shift The Safety Paradigm Using Injury & Fatality Research
Fifth Annual Bob Krier Award Night
Introduction to Lean Construction: An Operations Perspective
IPD Team Uses Prefabrication to Build a Healthcare
Lean Coffee - An IN-PERSON Event
Got Gemba?
FOX VALLEY - How Excellerate is Redefining
Pull Planning for Architects & Engineers
Choosing By Advantages - The Informed Decision
A Lean Coffee
LCI Lean Learning Series: The 8 Wastes
Lean in the Design Phase
Introduction to Lean
LCI Lean in Design Forum 2024
MADISON AREA Panel Discussion -
Lean in Safety
Building a Lean Culture: Transforming Your Organization
Toyota Georgetown, KY Plant Tour
TVD Workshop: Harnessing Target Value Delivery for
Lean Behavior Tools and Practices
Choosing By Advantages
Introduction to the Last Planner System® in Design
Lean Happy Hour
In Person - Lean Coffee
Principles of Target Value Delivery (TVD)
CM-Lean Unit 1: Introduction to Lean Construction
Performance-Driven Construction Management for Lean Projects
Annual Golf Outing to Benefit the Bob Krier Scholarship
How to Build a Culture of Planning and Purpose
A Virtual Lean Coffee
Introduction to the Last Planner System®
An IN-PERSON Lean Beer