A Focused Lean Coffee: Lean Design + Steel Erection improving project throughout on 3 projects (Cascadia-Seattle CoP)

Cascadia-Seattle Community of Practice

Apex Steel Inc., CPL Inc., will be in attendance sharing how they are applying lean Design + construction to their projects and how they are reaping tangible benefits.

  • Structural Steel Erection rates of 1,800 pieces in 100 hrs
  • No safety incidents
  • Worker productivity upwards of $ 600 per hour of WIP installed

Key methodologies:

  • Executive leadership from APEX and CPL collaborating on erection details and design regarding installation.
  • Zone planning and the importance of crane placement and shakeout yards
  • The use of buffers for supply chain management.
  • Daily production measurements counts.
  • Improvement project after project, building on best practices
  • Focus on quality first for design, layout and installation resulting in ZERO RFI’s

This will be an open discussion to ask questions and share thoughts and findings.

Learn about opportunities to apply these techniques to Framing, glazing, mechanical, electrical, doors, or any other aspect of construction.


  • Kevin Koester, Apex Steel
  • Kevin Shields, Apex Steel
  • Cory Hitzemann, Coughlin Porter Lundeen
  • Matt SNook, Coughlin Porter Lundeen