Airplane Game (Arizona CoP)

Arizona Community of Practice

The Airplane Game is a simulation in which teams use LEGOs to build Airplanes. Through multiple rounds, teams will explore how small changes in a production system can produce a better experience and higher production.  Participants will learn how smaller batches and pull systems can have a fantastic experience for the people doing the work while producing more airplanes.


Jason Klous is a Principal with LeanProject, a consulting company focused on Lean transformations in the construction industry. Jason has diverse experience in the construction industry and has long focused on continuous improvement and teaching and training others. As a Principal at LeanProject, Jason has helped teams in design and construction worldwide. He has helped teams deliver mega-projects in Brazil, Israel, Ireland and other European and US locations. He has successfully built high-performing teams and assisted owners in the design and construction process.

 Adult beverages, soda and water will be available.