Digital Building Lifecycle (San Diego CoP)

San Diego Community of Practice

Digitization has come to most industries but the Construction Industry is a laggard. The fact that we call it the Construction Industry sums it up. To Owners the cost of construction is often less than 15% of the cost of the total building lifecycle. Welcome the Digital Building Lifecycle. For the last seven years I have been leading the charge to digitize the industry; working for large owner occupiers to integrate the changes through process, technology and people initiatives. The successes are evident. Design duration reducing by 60%. RFIs reduced by 90%. Change orders all but eliminated. Cost and Schedule reduced while increasing Quality and Safety and all for companies at the top of their industries. In order to get consistent and predictable outcomes in complex construction projects, we need to focus on reducing the number of variables in the equation. The process and supply chain is infinity complex and this leads to near predictable failures - it just isn't clear what will fail.