Embodying Lean (Northern California CoP)

Northern California Community of Practice

At its heart, Lean is about behaviors. These behaviors are not limited to work – in fact, when we embody them in both work and personal life, we build proficiency, integrity, and psychological integration. Application of Lean principles to our life does not necessarily mean pull planning your vacation plans (although it could), but rather:

  • the cultivation of clarity of purpose
  • constant elimination of the whatever take us   away from being intentional about that purpose
  • a relentless curiosity and desire to   continuously improve. 

Join us as we dive into optimizing the one element that impacts everything you do – you. 



  • Andreas Phelps is principal and founder of The Collective Potential, a San Francisco-based practice that serves as a catalyst for positive change in the construction industry. The Collective Potential drives change by enabling: 
    • project- based learning, 
    • development of high potentials into master integrators, and 
    • strategic transformation of organizations focused on lean delivery and continuous improvement.