Introduction to Choosing By Advantages [CBA] (Michigan CoP)

Michigan Community of Practice

If you have ever struggled to make decisions that are focused on the value proposition of the project (design/construction) alternatives being considered, then   Choosing by Advantages may help!  Choosing by Advantages (CBA) allows for visual and transparent decision making. It also aligns with the desired values and culture of Lean Thinking and allows teams to emphasize a decision’s value to its stakeholders. CBA is a decision-making system that acknowledges all decisions are essentially subjective – but then guides the participants towards basing the subjectivity on objectively discovered and documented facts.  With CBA, decision makers can reach common ground, focus on outcomes, and appreciate all of the factors considered during the decision-making process. The process also creates transparency to the decision making process simplifying later reviewing and revisiting.  This 2-2.5 hour session will provide the participant a brief introduction to the CBA decision making system, focusing on the second cornerstone principle - the fundamental rule of sound decision-making.  It also presents The Simplified Two-List Method and the Tabular Method.  We are hoping to get you interested in further hand-on training at a future offering from LCI Michigan.


  • Tariq Sami Abdelhamid, Ph.D., PMP, CM-Lean, Michigan State University
    Tariq is Chief Lean Enterprise Officer with the Student Life and Engagement (SLE) Division at Michigan State University (MSU) since 2013. He is also an Associate Professor of Lean Construction at MSU, and project teams coach since 2000.  Trained by Greg Howell & Glenn Ballard (Lean Construction Institute co-founders), He is the co-founder and co-Editor of the Lean Construction Journal, a certified AGC LCEP, Project Management Professional, and Approved LCI Instructor, and a current LCI Research Fellow.
  • Tom Polyzois, Limbach Company LLC
    Tom has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry.  Currently, Tom is the General Service Manager at Limbach responsible for assuring system uptime & reliability while providing a pleasant, trouble-free experience for building tenants.  As a student and practitioner of Lean he helps teach Lean processes and tools, seeks innovative solutions to achieve goals, and generates enthusiasm for Lean initiatives in the field and in the office.