It’s Not About the People, it’s About the Culture and the People (Northern California CoP)

Northern California Community of Practice

At the end of a successful project, how great would it be to transplant that same team to the next project? Instantly transfer all the lessons learned, foundations of trust, and high efficiency work planning! 

Despite the desire to do so, this is rarely the reality. The reality is that project requirements change, timing isn’t always ideal, team members are promoted to different roles, and sometimes life outside of work just gets in the way.

In an industry that screams “It’s all about the people” how can we setup a project for success when the biggest characteristic for success is a variable that is largely out of our control? This presentation will discuss the necessary steps in creating an environment where people, despite their experience, familiarity with each other, and even location, can thrive in the design and construction world.

Through multiple examples we will reveal that the #1 factor in delivering a successful project is not the people on the project, but rather, the culture of the project which in turn allows the people to flourish. If you define the culture and live it, the project outcomes will follow in parallel.


  • Mike Lee, Project Director - McCarthy Building Companies Inc.
  • Aaron Zeligman, Senior Project Executive - Banner Health
  • Eric Ubersax, Director of Integration - Devenney Group