LCI 2022 Congress Presentations - Preview (Mid-Atlantic CoP)

Mid-Atlantic Community of Practice

Join us for a Mid-Atlantic CoP Preview of (2) Presentations that will be delivered to a National Audience at the 2022 LCI Congress in New Orleans. This is a great opportunity to get a “taste” of what Congress is all about if you’ve never been there before or can’t make it this year, and to give these teams an opportunity to hone their presentations before the “BIG SHOW!”

Come meet some great people and learn more about the following topics:

Hospital Infrastructure Renewal Using Lean Thinking to Safely Control Outcomes

An extensive MEP Infrastructure Renewal in a 2,000,000 sq.ft. of both occupied and interstitial spaces of level 1 trauma center, inpatient and outpatient Children’s Hospital presents many challenges. Our six-year journey required us to figure out how to control our own destiny to meet shifting hospital priorities and scheduling changes, creating innovative construction techniques, enhancing communication with the focus on identifying and eliminating waste, smoothing workflow and added value for the client. With a continuous improvement perspective, we are sharing our lessons learned on processes, tactics, and technologies and, maybe more so, meaningful communication and investment in our people. We hope by sharing some of our journey and lessons learned that we could help other teams to find the right approach and find the Lean tools to help make their projects successful

Visual Management - The Rosetta Stone of Construction

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more true when working in a fast paced, highly complex healthcare construction environment. Listen and learn from a team who will share how they used visual management to communicate and collaborate with industry professionals to complete activities strategically; meeting milestones successfully. The team will share specific examples of visual management used, including why and how they implemented the tool, and their resulting outcomes.