LCI 2022 Congress Sneak Peek (Central Florida CoP)

Central Florida Community of Practice

The Lean Mean Safety Machine

Our team has worked to develop and tune safety processes & communication with a lean mindset.  Our primary goals were to improve our project safety culture, field buy-in and ultimately reduce our incidents and injuries targeting a completely accident and injury free workplace.  We will discuss the tools and processes developed and how we were able to improve all tracked metrics


  • Alex Behringer – The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
  • Josh Linton – The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.
  • Matt Knopp – Walt Disney World Safety


Climbing the Prefab Learning Curve: Leveraging Lessons Learned Quickly & Effectively

Sharing lessons learned and compiling metrics are traditionally associated with the end of a project. The project team has time to reflect, collect, and share. However, this timetable does not work in the quickly evolving world of prefab. During the life of a project, there may be multiple other projects within your organization implementing the same prefab components, each of which are new processes for all the teams using them.  How then, do we adapt and learn at the same pace that prefab is adopted and improved?Session participants will learn how Brasfield & Gorrie’s Lean & Prefab department is developing an enterprise-wide culture of sharing when it comes to prefabrication.  Participants will see specific examples of the tools used to capture retrospective and lessons learned data and how it is shared back across the organization via templates, guides, and A3s.


  • Michelle Whiteside - Brasfield & Gorrie