LCI Lean Learning Series - What Is Lean? (DC Metro CoP)

D.C. Metro Community of Practice

Interested in learning more about Lean Construction and the Lean Construction Institute? Already a practitioner of Lean, but looking for some new ideas (and interested in sharing yours) with other practitioners? 

Come and join us for a the first of the Lean Learning Series presentation and discussion “What is Lean?.” This will be hosted as a hybrid event as well, so please come join us in-person or on-line!

The LCI Lean Learning Series is a facilitated discussion-oriented event focused on a specific Lean subject matter.The series is ideal as a lunch and learn discussion.Its purpose is to provide just enough knowledge base to kick start an engaging Lean discussion amongst the participants.

This topic introduces Lean Project Delivery as relevant to the design and construction industry, compares conventional delivery with Lean delivery outcomes and describes the goals and benefits of Lean.

Participants will learn the key principles that are foundational to Lean as the LCI 6 Tenets of Lean in detail.