Lean Roadshow NEW ORLEANS – Engage with Lean Experts in Your Backyard!

New Orleans Community of Practice

Join us for the Lean Roadshow as we bring top-quality Lean learning to your backyard. Get highly applicable instruction targeted to your specific experience level in a full day of immersive education. This program will create the environment that will spark enthusiasm and curiosity, and share tools to start and/or support you on your Lean journey. The Lean Roadshow will promote education, networking and first-hand experience from those who are industry experts. 

Structured for intermediate and advanced Lean learning, this program is designed for more experienced Lean construction practitioners. We will focus on in-depth education on more advanced applications of the Last Planner System® in a real-world context. Attendees must have previously attended LCI Introduction to Last Planner System® (eLearning, webinar or in person) and have used or seen LPS® in practice. The agenda includes deep dives and practical application of:

  • Milestone Planning
  • Phase Pull Planning
  • Look Ahead Planning and Constraint Identification
  • Weekly Work Planning
  • Daily Huddles and Variances
  • Percent Plan Complete
  • Planning Cycles