Measuring Lean Implementation: It’s Not a Yes or No Answer (Northern California CoP)

Northern California Community of Practice

Lean teams use Lean tools in a Lean culture. But what does it really mean to implement a Lean tool and how do you measure culture? Just as a commitment to a quality assurance process is not the same as fully implementing Quality at the Source, a desire to eliminate waste does not by itself make a team Lean. Beyond that, there is a difference between a team that says it uses a Lean tool and one that understands, effectively uses, and promotes the tool.

Attendees will learn an easily replicable self-assessment process that they can use to consistently and honestly measure the team health and levels of Lean implementation, along with proven tips to help the process run smoothly. Attendees will also be equipped to use the results of the self-assessment to identify where teams may benefit from additional support, and how to identify peer resources to provide that support

This presentation was rated as one of the Top Presentations at the 24th LCI Congress in New Orleans.


  • Jennifer Lacy is Robins & Morton Lean Practice Leader with more than 19 years in the construction industry, and the last 7 years building upon Robins & Morton’s Building Forward® approach that focuses on creating a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement, learning and leadership development. Her WHY is to attack every interaction as an opportunity to help elevate those doing the work and continuously find ways to help our industry get better. Jennifer is also a Core team member for the Dallas / Fort Worth Community of Practice for LCI
  • Christena Smith is currently a Preconstruction Estimator at Robins & Morton who has spent most of her career as a Field Superintendent on hospital construction and renovation, power plants and manufacturing projects.  She leads an internal resource group that helps project teams with trade contractor onboarding for the company’s internal continuous improvement approach, Building Forward®, which includes Lean tools and processes.