Pull Tending (Understanding the Last Planner System® while Pull Planning cocktails & other non-alcoholic drink options) (Arizona CoP)

Arizona Community of Practice

An interactive course on the Last Planner System and Pull Planning.

If you are interested in learning more about pull planning, or you just need a Wednesday afternoon cocktail, then this is the event for you.  After a short introduction on Pull Planning and the Last Planner System, we will have a hands-on course where we break into teams to plan and implement the most efficient flow for making individual cocktails.  The event will last about 90 minutes and has been proven to be a lot of fun.


  • Eric Ubersax, Devenney Group Architects
    As Director of Integration, Eric’s primary role is to ensure that project teams are set up for success. Focused heavily on the health and culture of a team, Eric is an educator and facilitator. Eric has been involved with large integrated and collaborative teams for 15 years. He is a leader in Lean delivery in the industry and understands the impact that a Lean process can have on the success of a project.
  • Dave Hagan, Devenney Group Architects
    Dave has been involved in the Lean Project Delivery community for over 17 years. As head of Continuous Improvement for Devenney Group Ltd., Architects, Dave facilitates the implementation of Lean methodologies into Devenney’s operations.  Dave is a Certified Scrum Master, holds a CM-Lean Certificate from the AGC, and has trained with the experts at the Toyota Production System Support Center in Georgetown, Kentucky. He specializes in helping teams build and maintain a Lean culture. 

Drinks provided - and you will also get to make your own!