Taking It to the Streets. Introducing/Training/Retaining the Future Workforce (Northern California CoP)

Los Angeles / Orange County Community of Practice

As leaders and influencers in the Lean community we look to collaborate with community organizations that promote preparing our future work force to become construction workers.

Giving talented individuals a path to work in construction is a need.

Our Lean champions promote partnering and volunteering with community organizations.

The how to: making it a partnership. We mutually benefit projects, companies, owners and most of all the communities we operate in. Putting on job fairs. We will also give examples of partnering with General Contractors to serve community organizations. Who we involve, field teams, project managers, and owners is also a key to the success.


  • Tony Lowe, Southland Industries
    As a Sheet Metal worker in 35th year of his career, Tony had the pleasure of working large Bio and Hospital projects in Northern California. He is a Lean advocate and believer, and a third generation sheet metal worker. He has been with Southland for 12 years and this is where he started his Lean journey. He is a huge believer in the culture that Lean thinking, Lean projects and Lean thinkers are able to foster. Caring for the people we work for and with has become the most important for him, as he has seen the biggest value come from the culture focus.
  • Rev. Kevin Brown, People Working Togerther (PWT) Pastor Brown also gained experience in the corporate world with a fortune 100 company. He is a real-estate investor and business owner. He is very well known and respected in all of his circles and has created and maintained long term friendships of all shapes and colors. He has “never met a stranger”.  In 2015 Pastor Brown along with his wife Cindy gave birth to People Working Together a 501 c3 that provides whole person care to underserved communities. In 2016 People Working Together in partnership with the Sacramento Sierra Building Trades began providing a State recognized pre-apprenticeship training program to low-income neighborhoods while providing assistance with connecting to 1 of our 32 apprenticeship programs.  Pastor Brown serves as the Director of Pre-apprenticeship today for the Sacramento Sierra Building Trades and its 7 counties. Pastor Brown oversees all Project Labor Agreements, specifically Community Workforce Training Agreements. He is a former MLB player with the New York Mets.
  • Paul Tate, The Boldt Company - With 20 years of construction, safety management, and project oversight, Paul has a versatile and applicable experience base which provides a high level of Built-In-Quality to projects and their teams, all while performing safely. He has a rich history of quality control and assurance which has proven to be extremely valuable on past projects. Paul has been with Boldt for over 10 years where he has worked on small healthcare work, commercial, and industrial work.
  • Ron Heise, Southland Industries
    Ron is the General Superintendent at Southland Industries. He started his career as a sheet metal apprentice in 1985. He has worked on biopharmaceutical, commercial, and advanced technology (data centers) but   most of the past 34 years have been on healthcare and OSHPD projects. Ron’s responsibilities as Superintendent include project leadership and oversight for sheet metal functions including project coordination, scheduling, training, sequencing, manpower staffing, shop prefabrication, on-time project delivery, and interfacing with union.