Unpacking Waste Through the Comparison of 2 Delivery Methods (Colorado CoP)

Colorado Community of Practice

Comparison of two similar projects, same owner, in the same region, with similar project teams under two different deliveries – one IPD and other GMP. Listen to real experiences of the importance of communication, Lean culture and backing up your project team’s success through contract language. As we constantly strive to improve the way we work and build, we believe we can help make a   positive impact on your next project.


  • Ashley Fritz – Senior Project Manager, St. Francis Hospital
    With 17 years of experience specializing in health care construction.  Her mission is to construct healing environments that provide an incomparable patient experience and to be a clinical advocate in the design phase.  Ashley is also passionate about making consistent improvements with production of work and thinking outside the box to provide solutions to keep projects progressing. Ashley has implemented $190 million in IPD construction projects.
  • Nicole Paugh – Associate, RMH Group
    An experienced electrical engineer and project manager with 18 years of experience specializing in hospital design.  She is passionate about teaching our industry ways to work better together by focusing on a people-first culture through speaking on IPD delivery methods.  Nicole is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE), holds a Certificate of Management in Lean Construction (CM-Lean), and has worked on various IPD project teams successfully delivering over $275M in construction projects.
  • Zac Myslivy – Project Manager, Encore Electric
    An experienced electrician and project manager with 18 years of experience specializing in healthcare. Zac has a passion for assisting the design team in pricing exercises and working through logistics ahead to better prepare his team prior to them arriving on site for the best execution possible.
  • Michael Fullman - Project Manager, Olson Plumbing & Heating
    As Project Manager, Michael has the overall responsibility for the completion and performance of a project. Being involved during the preconstruction phase to understand and implement design intent as well as provide scheduling and constructability input during the planning process making his work most efficient in collaboration with the design team and other trades.  28 years’ experience in the mechanical/plumbing industry ensuring safety, quality and project execution are seamless. Experience includes healthcare, multi-residential, hospitality, government, commercial building and data center applications.