WEBINAR: How Daily Huddles can Increase Productivity 30% plus how to make Team Meetings GREAT

This fast-paced 3-part webinar is for construction and design leaders whether working in the field or the office. (1) Dan and Andy will first look at Daily Huddles in the field (the who, what, when and how) including case histories to demonstrate teams who got a 30% increase in productivity by using Daily Huddles (yes, really). (2) Then for office teams they’ll dive into how using Kanban – whether in person or virtually – can help bring the same level of efficiency to your office teams. (3) Finally – stick around for this – they’ll offer 5 keys to having GREAT team meetings (not the slow, boring kind) whether in person or virtual. This is a CAN’T-MISS webinar from two of our most experienced Lean coaches.