WEBINAR: Maximizing Safety Culture Through the Use of a Lean Dashboard


Accidents happen; it’s inevitable. Minimizing their frequency is possible by creating an environment where everyone believes - truly believes - in a safety-first culture. Creating that culture begins with communication. Join us to hear how our Safety team manages a monthly dashboard that is used as a Lean tool to capture relevant safety information with field leadership. By building the dashboard as a template with standard topic sections, everyone can anticipate what will be discussed and where they can include their onsite observations to add value. The dashboard serves as an agenda, a reminder for what to be looking for on the jobsite, a discussion prompt, a record of current activity and an easy-to-interpret piece of visual management that is electronically distributed to the entire company to increase safety awareness.

Join us as we explain the importance of each of the sections on the dashboard and share how these dashboards have improved our company’s safety culture in many ways including gaining feedback on topics, increasing awareness, supporting a safety-first mindset, prompting communication and continuing our focus on safety education.