Congress Presentation Preview (Mid-Atlantic CoP)

September 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm (under construction)
September 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Eastern Time Zone
Microsoft Teams Meeting
Mid-Atlantic CoP

The Mid-Atlantic CoP will be holding a Congress Presentation Preview for two local groups who will be presenting at LCI Congress in Phoenix in October!

Huddle Up! Team Collaboration on the Daily Game Plan


  • Daniel Flickinger, Alexander Building & Construction
  • Rodney Weigle, Alexander Building & Construction
  • Brian Osifat, Philadelphia Dugan & Marcon - PDM Constructors/Durapods

A huddle is a Lean technique that improves communication and accountability across project teams, by creating an open forum where coordinated promises and identified constraints can be surfaced. In this live lab, the Hampden Medical Center project team will demonstrate a Daily Huddle as it was performed on the project. Throughout the demonstration, key huddle components will be explained, and why they were critical to the success of the huddle. Observers can expect to take away valuable tips including the importance of a good facilitator, the stability of a routine agenda, a focus on goals and analysis, team accountability and how to foster and build a collaborative culture of teamwork.

Tracking Productivity – Why PPC Can Provide a False Sense of Security


  • Michael Scott, Turner Construction Company
  • Michael Grus, Turner Construction Company

Command and Control are paramount to running work.  By understanding the connection to productivity and planning we can assess and adjust our combined plan with our trade partner.  Real time information tracking to a production plan allows for proactive adjustments and eliminating firefighting late in a production sequence. 


By the time we realize a problem, it is too late.  Trends of production are foreshadowing of future problems.  As COVID became a factor we needed to understand the impact of COVID restrictions and protocols on production, if there truly were any.  We realized that not only were we not tracking production using a standard method, but in some cases, we are not tracking production at all.  The “Rate of Production Monitor” provides an easy-to-use method that supports simple tracking of daily production and aids in facilitating production minding conversations with trade partners.


Tracking Production is not an enormous undertaking, this way of tracking helps to target preemptive action taking to avoid massive blow ups later in the project sequence.  The production monitor we have created has helped call attention to production rates of trade partners during construction and will help in future pursuits when buying out jobs and include historical data to support more accurate buyout and planning.