LCI Congress Preview (New England CoP)

September 19, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm (under construction)
September 19, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Eastern Time Zone
AKF Boston
99 Bedford Street, Second Floor
LCI New England CoP

Please join members of the LCI New England Community of Practice for a preview of two LCI Congress presentations:

How to Bring Flow & Kaizen to Design & Pre-Construction with the Kanban Method

There is tremendous waste in the design process and pre-construction that many people accept as the nature of the work. We see the work of architects and engineers as iteration born out of a need for revealing client concerns and exploring the means for addressing those concerns. Current practice includes regular rework of details, negative iterations in design, and RFIs and construction bulletins throughout construction. While target value design practices minimize some of that, we struggle to keep design coordinated throughout its production.

The situation is similar for pre-construction work product. Mistakes are introduced throughout estimating, buyout and procurement arising from task-switching, overloading, idiosyncratic practices and an inability to see what work is underway.

The Kanban Method is in wide use in the professional services industry, just not in our industry. The Kanban Method was invented at Microsoft by David Anderson and his colleagues. People in the larger Lean community know about Agile and more specifically Scrum in software development. Most haven’t seen the visual method they employ for improving the way they plan and manage production. Kanban is that method. Further, aspects of the Kanban Method are showing up in Trello, Microsoft Planner and Monday (a product that some architects employ). As a result of the first two products being free, many people are dipping their toes (sometimes unknowingly) into Kanban.

Presenters: James Ierardi, AKF Group; Jeff Romeo, Fitzemeyer & Tocci; Bill Keen, ClarkNexsen; George Zettel, Turner Construction Company; Moderator: Hal Macomber, Touchplan; 


Happy to Fail: What it Means to Be a Lean Champion

The job of a Lean Champion or any change agent is as much about learning as it is for the teams and organizations they guide. In this panel, you will hear about coaching from three different perspectives: the external Lean consultant, the internal champion with a formal Lean position and corporate mandate, and the internal champion without a formal Lean role or mandate. We will discuss what we have learned in our role as coaches (especially the failures), the challenges we continue to face and our current approaches and ongoing experiments.

Key take-aways will be:

  • the importance of and our methods of engaging in PDCA as a coach (with examples);
  • the challenge of creating a sustained lean culture is more about developing people than tools or methods;
  • the importance of having a community of peers to reflect with and share learning; and
  • common coaching challenges and approaches regardless of the coaching perspective.

Presenters: Colin Milberg, ASKM & Associates; Katie Strumolo, Gilbane; Elena Antil, Suffolk Construction; Moderator: Hal Macomber, Touchplan

Metered street parking or the LaFayette Garage
South station on MBTA Red line and Silver line

Light food and drink willbe provided