Maximizing the Productivity of the Trades via Optimized Construction Flow (OCF) (Arizona CoP)

September 22, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm (under construction)
Hensel Phelps Western District Office
3125 E Wood Street, Suite 100
Arizona CoP

Please join us for this in-person event! A team from Intel will be presenting   information on their Optimized Construction Flow process. OCF stands for Optimized Construction Flow.   It’s not only a methodology but it’s a way of “project execution” life. The 7   Principles of OCF include employing strategic integration and planning,   target tactical planning, collaborative process, constraint management,   maximizing pre-fabrication, controlling installation start, and ensuring   installation flow. As an Owner, Intel had   to develop an approach that challenged the entire supply chain of the project   to ‘bow to the constraint’ of trade resources, while also meeting our lofty   production demands. Planning is not the Key! It’s EVERYTHING…more importantly   it’s the strategic planning BEFORE the pull planning. This means that well   before the Last Planner’s attend their first pull plan the supply chain must   prepare all the critical inputs to ensure their success. Trade Productivity   is a primary focus of the OCF. One of the driving tenants is not just to   improve the efficiency of the workflow and productivity but cut overall   project durations! A Dramatic CULTURE   CHANGE story…we’d like to share our experience with you!


  • Tracy Lucero - Intel  Tracy is with World Wide Professional Solutions and possesses 21   years of construction industry experience including 7 Years of Lean   Experience. She was an LCI Congress   Presenter 2014 and 2016. Previously served 3 years on the LCI AZ Community of   Practice Core Team.
  • Mark Miera - Director of Construction, Intel
  • Tabitha D Cloyd - Senior Project Manager, Intel
  • Emma Yarbrough - Intel

Refreshments and snacks will be provided.