Problem Solving and Creating Standard of Work - all levels welcome (New England CoP)

July 17, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm (under construction)
July 17, 2019 @ 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm, Eastern Time Zone
100 High Street, 18th Floor
LCI New England CoP


LCI New England Community of Practice


Problem Solving & Creating Standard of Work (All levels welcome!)

Do you ever find yourself solving a problem you have already “solved” in the past? Do you forget what you have learned and why you made decisions? Do you hate reading 100 page how to’s and find it difficult to find standard of work?  A simple 11x17 piece of paper (Size A3) can help you solve some of these problems! An A3 or sometimes called a Knowledge Brief is used in the Lean community to solve problems and document work better.  Come to our workshop on the A3 to learn the following:

  • What A3 problem solving is and how to use it to really solve a problem by getting to the root cause
  • How to document your standard of work in a clear, concise, visual way
  • How to use the A3 as a coaching tool to grow your people


  • 20 minute primer on the A3/Knowledge Brief approach
  • Review examples of A3’s
  • Coaching attendees on A3’s that they have created
  • If no attendees have A3’s for critique, we will work on developing an A3 in class
  • Q&A on how to bring the A3 practice to your organization
  • Plus/Delta

This class is OPEN TO ALL LEVELS, experienced with Lean and complete newbies. If you have used the A3/Knowledge Brief format in the past or that you are currently working on, please bring your example! The coach at the session will review with you and the class and share how you can improve your A3 but also share what you have learned has worked well with your processes.  Attendees who want coaching must submit their A3s prior to the event in PDF format that will be displayed during the workshop. If you bring an A3 for critique, you are entered to win a gift card for your participation!


Jessica Miller, SmithGroup is a professional Mechanical Engineer with additional expertise in BIM (Building Information Modeling), Lean processes, tools and mindset. She uses her multi-faceted experience to develop innovative ways to improve project processes and outcomes. She is the SmithGroup Lean Health co-champion and a member of the Lean Advisors group. Jessica actively serves as a core member of the Lean Construction Institute of New England Chapter and is a comprehensive systems thinker. She has authored over 80 knowledge briefs and mentored many authors. Jess is an empathic peer coach who enthusiastically helps others develop competence with A3s.


Member Rate - $39.00 

Non-Member Rate - $49.00

Student Rate - $29.00

Light appetizers and refreshments provided