Taste of Congress 1 - 2020 (Colorado CoP)

August 27, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (under construction)
August 27, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Mountain Time Zone
Zoom Meeting
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LCI Colorado CoP

Every year, abstracts from around the country are submitted to LCI National to present at LCI Congress in front of hundreds of owners, the design community, trade partners, and general contractors.  This year, Colorado had three chosen to present, but more submitted.  The Colorado CoP would like to share snippets from two of the four with our community.  The next two will be shared at the September CoP meeting.  Join the virtual presentation to see what your fellow Coloradans are doing in regard to Lean!

(1) Coaches Coaching Coaches: Words Matter to Produce Effective Action in Others (Rebecca Snelling, JE Dunn and Hal Macomber, Touchplan)

Coaching, instructing, mentoring and advising are often confused with each other.  Adopting a Lean strategy requires a shift in supervisors, managers and leaders from the role of director to one of teacher.  Too often, we don't put enough intention behind the words we use when we are trying to transform behaviors and culture, leading to less desirable results and more waste than we want.  This presentation will explore how the role of coaches works with those to teach and coach others by using practices and language that invites openess, supports learning, and produces effective action in others.  We will introduce practices for coaches to:

  • Develop confidence in the distinction and practices of coaching.
  • Develop coaches who dedicate themselves to the coachees' success.
  • Develop the sensibility for coaching vs. advising.  They are not the same.  Know when to do one or the other.
  • Develop the capacity in others for range - the ability to think from more than one perspective.
  • Develop possibility thinking.

(2) Molding a Mindset - Not Implementing A New Tool (Savannah Gregory, Sara Coutts and Mark Schneider -The Neenan Company)

A company can declare that a department or team is going to use a Lean Method - in this case, pull planning.  Simply making a decision and showing the teams the tool was not a successful way for our company to truly embrace this change.  The value of the pull planning method is something that is commonly discussed. Implementing the system is not as widely known. In order to implement a system that would not just become another box for teams to check, a mindset had to be developed, rather than simply  teaching how to use a new tool.  The problem of implementing a new system was solved by our multidisciplinary team spending the time to learn and create a pull planning method that would work within our company.  As a result, teams are spending less time in meetings, and meeting strategic milestones at a higher rate than before.  However, the system was not the key change.  The team was focused on discovering the behaviors teams needed to have for the change to take root long term.  This presentation will be a lesson learned and how-to on the discovery process behind behaviors and workflows that had to be created before pull planning method was successfully implemented.