Taste of Congress 2019 (Colorado CoP)

August 29, 2019 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am (under construction)
August 29, 2019 @ 7:30 am – 9:00 am, Mountain Time Zone
AGC of Colorado
1114 West 7th Avenue
LCI Colorado CoP

Every year abstracts from around the country are submitted to LCI National to present at LCI Congress in front of hundreds of owners, the design community, trade partners, and general contractors. This year Colorado had seven abstracts chosen to present at LCI Congress in Fort Worth, Tx. The Colorado CoP would like to share snippets of those stories with our community. Our first two presentations are focused on the challenges with people & behaviors and challenges for owners. We will be replacing coffee in the future with these previews of accepted abstracts.

(1) Overcoming the Desire to Push the Easy Button: Reverting to the Traditional Method.

The human default is to perform tasks the way we have always done them because it is easy and comfortable. Changing or breaking from the norm is not a “natural” behavior. This project team and Owner were willing to try something different by using an integrated project delivery (IPD) approach for a large hospital expansion in Colorado. 

The term integrated project delivery (IPD) is frequently used in the AEC industry today, but there is an essential difference between “IPD-like” and a full IFOA multi-party contracted project. Our presenters will discuss the lessons learned on developing mutual trust and clear communication, along with the tools they implemented to improve communication.

Attendees will walk away with knowledge on such topics as 

     • VAP (value analysis process)
     • Commitment logs and trend logs
     • Last Planner System with TAKT planning
     • The benefits of a Big Room for efficient decision-making
     • Conditions of Satisfaction

The presenting team is:

     • Michelle Robinette, GE Johnson Construction;
     • Ashley Fritz, Penrose St. Francis Health Systems;
     • Jon Bock, RTA Architects;
     • Michael Fullman, Olson Plumbing & Heating

(2) Lean Forum for Owner Project Managers (Getting an Owner Project Manager to Support Lean)

“If our challenge is convincing owners to attend our events, why don’t we take our events to owners?”

In our first owner-focused event, we gathered 18 progressive Owner Project Managers (OPM’s) for an open-forum discussion. The two and half hour session was broken into three parts: 

     1) Identifying typical project issues;
     2) Selecting a shortlist of topics and discussing them in smaller groups
     3) Identifying next steps. 

The event took place this April and was a great success. We followed this event with some feedback sessions resulting in several Villego® trainings over the summer to keep the group’s enthusiasm high. In September we are starting a CoP “Practice Track” of events focused on this OPM group, and open to our CoP. 

The presenting team is:

     • Katie Barnes of Barker Rinker Seacat Architects
     • Bob Redwine of KL&A Structural Engineers and Builders

Breakfast burritos and coffee will be provided