Thermo Fisher Project Gemba Walk (New England CoP)

August 24, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am (under construction)
August 24, 2021 @ 8:00 am – 11:00 am, Eastern Time Zone
Thermo Fisher Project
220 Mill Road
New England CoP

Join us for a Gemba Walk at the Thermo Fisher project in Chelmsford, MA.  The first part of the event will start with a demonstration and presentation of the technology and lean principles that the project team has leveraged along with some lessons learned and Q&A on the Thermo Fisher Construction Site.
The second part of the event will focus on what is a Gemba Walk and a presentation on how to conduct one. The group will then be broken into guided groups of the facility to practice making a Gemba Walk and then concluded with a retrospective of observations made from the walk.

A Gemba Walk is a visual and purposeful walk at the source of the work to thoroughly see and understand work processes and the frontline work.

Please bring PPE (Hardhat, Safety Glasses, High Visibility Clothing, and Proper Footwear).


  • Cade Keyes is a Superintended and Lean Leader at Columbia. He is a core member of the LCI New England Community of Practice. 
  • Jen Wooles is a VDC Coordinator for Columbia and has over 10 years of experience managing subcontractors through in-depth BIM coordination.
  • Tom Richert’s coaching equips teams with tools that increase their   effectiveness. He helps team members connect personal aspirations to team goals, cultivates a shared leadership culture, and builds new capabilities that align with the team’s aspirations, resulting in peak results.This alignment is fundamental to cultivate the necessary environment to maintain Lean practices, which create more value with fewer resources. 

Coffee and Light refreshments will be provided.