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Introducing the LCI-CPD

The Lean Construction Institute-Certified Practitioner-Design certification will be launching in early January 2024. This certification will require both an exam and a capabilities assessment. To learn more about LCI's second certification and become one of the first 50 people to participate in the LCI-CPD soft start, fill out the below form and register today.

Benefits of Certification

Enhanced Value

The LCI-CPC and LCI-CPD are recognized and valued as the premier Lean Design and Construction certifications by owners and employers.

New Opportunities

Owners and employers are beginning to require LCI certified practitioners on their project teams.

Demonstrate Knowledge and Expertise

The only Lean certifications that validate your existing knowledge of core Lean competencies, and evaluate your real-life applied Lean Design and Construction experience.

Backed by LCI

LCI certifications are the only Lean Design and Construction certifications offered by the industry leader in Lean professional education–LCI.

LCI-CPD Candidate Handbook

Answers to most of your questions can be found in the Candidate Handbook. Download it here.

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Owners Value Certification

With certificated practitioners, owners can confidently hire teams with verified Lean knowledge and applied experience.

The Lean Construction Credential: Forging a Collaborative Culture of Trust

Certification is the Differentiator Owners Have Been Waiting for

Practitioners Show Their Real Lean Experience

Becoming an LCI-CPC showcases your real-world Lean experience. It identifies you as someone who doesn’t just give lip service to Lean principles, but has demonstrated experience using Lean.

Emily Lowe Reaches Career Milestone in Lean Journey

Emily Lowe, LCI-CPC, CM-Lean, is the Enterprise Lean Champion within the Innovation Department of the Butz Family of Companies. She just accomplished another milestone in her career by earning the LCI-CPC certification, which validates her skills loud and clear to the Lean construction world. Read More.

Leandris Weeden Solidifies His Future in Lean Construction

Leandris Weeden of Layton Construction Company has just become the first person to complete the LCI-CPC certification, positioning himself and his company for a future where Lean experience is in increasingly high demand. Read More.

Contractors and the Industry Gain Certified Team Members

Supporting employees’ growth in Lean Construction through certification demonstrates your commitment to your team, increasing job satisfaction and minimizing turnover. Here are just some of the companies that have LCI-CPC practitioners working on their teams:

Appeals & Complaints

LCI-CPC candidates and certification holders may submit an appeal to request special consideration regarding a decision made by the Certification Commission or its representatives or file a complaint regarding program concerns. Please review the process for appeals beginning on page 21 of the Candidate Handbook, then you may submit your appeal or complaint at the links below.