Attendee Guide: Selecting the right Lean in Design Forum roundtable discussions for you

Attendee Guide: Selecting the right Lean in Design Forum roundtable discussions for you

Each architect, engineer, owner and Lean professional at 2018 Lean in Design Forum  will be at different stages of their Lean journey. Because of this, attendees have the opportunity to choose two out of the eight roundtable discussions that will benefit their current professional focus the most.

The suggested level of practical experience needed to fully participate in each session – broken down by fundamental, intermediate or experienced – can be found on the event agenda. More experienced practitioners may select roundtables like Science and Art of Conceptual Estimating, which is an interactive look into conceptual estimating lessons learned, and Agile/Scrum Project Management and Delivery – Design Perspective, which focuses on implementing scrum in current design projects to deliver value more effectively.

Several collaborative roundtable discussions on Thursday, May 31 will be relevant to all attendees regardless of their experience levels, such as AIA Foresight Report Findings – Corollaries to Lean in Design, a session exploring current trends like collaboration that support Lean thinking from an AIA report; and Lean + Human-Centered Design: Where's the Sweet Spot?, which will find overlaps between Lean and human-centered design approaches that you can use to enhance value delivery.

Whether you want a better understanding of technology that improves design or a way to better manage your firm's Lean transformation, you should consider the additional roundtable discussions:

  • Managing Change in Your Organization
  • Technology/BIM
  • Understanding Lean Backlash
  • Virtual and Augmented Technologies in Lean Design

When you register for 2018 Lean in Design Forum's roundtable discussions, you will have the option to select one of four sessions from 12:45 to 2:15 p.m. and one of four sessions from 2:45 to 4:15 p.m. Check out the Thursday agenda tab for industry-leading speakers, learning objectives and descriptions for each roundtable discussion before choosing your sessions!

Register for the right roundtables for you!

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