Build an online Lean buzz around your LCI Community of Practice (CoP)

Build an online Lean buzz around your LCI Community of Practice (CoP)

Build an online Lean buzz around your LCI Community of Practice (CoP)

LCI Communities of Practice (CoPs) are more than just meeting grounds where practitioners meet to discuss Lean processes; LCI CoPs are an invaluable resource for bringing design and construction professionals together to network and learn a better way to deliver projects.

Do your part to spread the word about your CoP's value and join the online Lean conversation when you connect with your CoP on social media!

To find your LCI CoP on social media, click here, or go to the LCI website local communities tab and click on your CoP on the right-hand side bar. If your CoP has a social media profile, there will be a social media icon you can click on to connect.

Why connect with your LCI CoP on social media?

LCI CoPs are building a buzz online with lessons learned and photos captured at Lean Coffees and LCI education course events. Join the online conversation when you create your own post with event photos or comment on your CoP's post with your biggest takeaway!

"The LCI Dallas-Fort Worth CoP has recognized the extended audience we can reach with our social media updates. From a marketing perspective, branding and consistency is so important as we are trying to reach potential new members and move full speed ahead,"

Jennifer Lacy, LCI Dallas-Fort Worth CoP marketing leader and division marketing director at Robins & Morton.


Suggested LCI CoP hashtags:

  • #LeanCoffee for any LCI CoP Lean Coffee event.
  • #LeanTogether for any general CoP events or posts.
  • #LCICongress19 for posting about LCI Congress.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about LCI Communities of Practice, email Denise Erminger, LCI Manager, Communities of Practice Relations, at [email protected].

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