Connecting on Social Media

Connecting on Social Media

Connecting on Social Media

Today around seven-in-ten Americans use social media to connect with one another, get news content, share information and for entertainment. Are you one of those Americans who utilizes social networks daily? Are you connected with the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) on our social platforms? If not, you should be. The benefits of following and liking LCI’s pages is that you will be in the know about upcoming LCI events and the latest Lean content.

LCI offers eLearning, in-person educational sessions, webinars, as well as national and local events.  Our local Lean focused events such as Lean coffees, Lean brews and learning sessions are hosted through our Communities of Practice. All of LCI’s offerings are posted on the LCI social media platforms. By connecting with us you are able to get all the most up to date information on LCI’s events. Stay well-informed by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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