LCI Immersive Education Program will launch with Last Planner System® eLearning course!

LCI Immersive Education Program will launch with Last Planner System® eLearning course!

Photo: Skiles Group team members work with trade partners to pull plan for project milestones.

  This spring, LCI will release the first interactive online course of our LCI Immersive Education Program, Introduction to Last Planner System® (LPS® ), so that you can learn Lean on your own time.

Sixty-two percent of Lean practitioners believe the design and construction industry is inefficient or highly inefficient, according to 2016 LCI-funded research, showing there is room for improvement. But, Last Planner System® with its five connected conversation levels is known to:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase communication
  • Reduce waste
  • Create reliable flow

In fact, 40 percent of projects categorized as “best” based on project performance from the 2016 research implemented LPS® while only 19 percent of “typical” projects implemented LPS® .

LCI encourages industry professionals to participate in face-to-face learning with any of our at Community of Practice (CoP) local events and national events like LCI Congress and LCI Lean in Design Forum, but seeks to provide additional opportunities.

Personalized e-learning is the answer to Lean learning despite your location and busy schedule constraints because it offers:

  • On-demand learning you can do at any time on your desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Small batch learning to increase retention
  • Personalized learning that appeals to various learning styles with videos and simulations
  • Knowledge checks along the way to benchmark your progress

Just as LCI aims to transform the built environment through Lean implementation, we aim to transform the way Lean learners understand and apply Last Planner System® with the new LPS® personalized e-learning course. LCI's Immersive Education Program, with badging and a certificate of completion at the end, will offer a unique opportunity for you to expand on your existing Lean knowledge base and take your Lean journey to the next level.

Follow this exciting education effort by keeping up with the LCI blog and subscribing for more information on upcoming online courses in this program and to contribute to the learning via surveys!

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