Owner Keynote Brings IPD, IFOA and Lessons Learned to Lean in Design Forum

Owner Keynote Brings IPD, IFOA and Lessons Learned to Lean in Design Forum

Owner Keynote Brings IPD, IFOA and Lessons Learned to Lean in Design Forum

Al Manshum, senior vice president of operations integration at Advocate Health Care, will take the stage as the 2018 Lean in Design Forum keynote speaker to share how he led the owner organization’s journey to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and developed its first Master Contract using an Integrated Form of Agreement (IFOA).

He will bring lessons learned from his previous 10-year background as a licensed architect specializing in healthcare project planning, design, construction and management to the Lean in Design Forum audience in Chicago, Ill. Designers, engineers, contractors and all project team members will leave with a greater understanding of the owner’s role in a project’s Lean culture after hearing about Al’s experience overseeing approximately $1.5 billion in active construction projects and delivering seven IPD projects valued at more than $650 million.

“We all have an important role in improving the efficiency of project construction by leading projects that result in the safest possible environments for our communities.”

Firms seeking to improve their healthy, environmentally-friendly design and construction approaches can benefit from Al’s leadership experience on nearly $1 billion in capital projects that are either seeking or receiving LEED certification.

By signing up for the 2018 Lean in Design Forum on May 31, attendees will have the opportunity to ask this owner questions about his collaborative projects during the 10-minute Q&A session at the end of his presentation.

Al is serving as the 2018 LCI board chair and is also an active member of American Institute of Architects (AIA) and American Society of Healthcare Engineering. Don’t miss out on his lessons learned at the 2018 Lean in Design Forum, held in partnership with AIA and P2SL, May 30–31!

Register before the hotel room rate expires May 7!

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