What is it really like to attend a Community of Practice Lean happy hour?

What is it really like to attend a Community of Practice Lean happy hour?

The Lean Construction Institute Communities of Practice (CoP) organization is 31 strong! Each exists to support you in your Lean journey, at whatever level you may be, by providing educational courses, presentations and networking opportunities. If you have not connected with your local CoP, you may be curious about what takes place at these events. Let me share with you a recent experience.

On January 23rd the DC Metro CoP held a Lean happy hour at The Liberty Tavern in Arlington, VA. As you would expect, participants greeted one another and mingled. CoP core group members were on hand to welcome everyone and introduced themselves as well as provided an overview of the exciting event plan they have in place for 2020, including the goal to host a monthly event throughout the year. Following introductions participants broke into smaller groups for a "Lean coffee" activity which started with a conversation topic of "how can you implement Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) on your projects?" I was amazed by the conversation and sharing of experiences and ideas that followed!

Similar events take place each month throughout the CoP organization. Make it a point to participate in your local CoP's next event! Find out what CoP's are up to at https://www.leanconstruction.org/events/

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