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Welcome to the Central Florida Community of Practice (CoP) website!  The CoP's purpose is to educate our members on how to improve the productivity and efficiency of everything they do.  We advocate use of Lean principles and tools in all areas of business including the office, shops, vehicles, and at the jobsites.  Through programming and development, the Central Florida CoP helps our members learn and grasp Lean terms and techniques, having a positive impact on the culture change that needs to happen for Lean practices to be implemented.  We have created a Lean forum where you can learn how the Lean process organizes operations and supplies to make the most of available labor, space, and capital.

Lean is not a program that is ever finished; it becomes the culture of the company, therefore providing greater value to all of our customers.

Whether you are researching what Lean Construction is about, just starting your Lean Journey, or have been at it for years, we welcome you to join our upcoming events.  To become more involved in the Central Florida CoP, please contact Kevin Labrecque, Leader, at [email protected].


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