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March 19, 2015

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March 19th
Owners' Forum - Our Lean Journeys
(New York CoP)

March 19th
The Airplane Game: An Exercise in Production System Design
(San Diego CoP)

March 20th
A Lean Coach's Analysis of Last Planner® Successes and Failures with Dan Fauchier

March 25th
Lean Project Delivery - Kick Start Your Lean Journey
(Ireland CoP)

March 26th
Target Value Design Workshop
(Colorado CoP)

March 26th
Building a Lean Project Team
(New England CoP)

March 26th
Implementation of Lean Construction and Tools on the SkyHouse Jobsite
(Carolinas CoP)

March 27th
Taking the First Step to Lean: Last Planner® Observations

March 30th
On Time and On Budget

April 1st
Introduction to Lean - Come Find Out What All the Excitement is About!
(Los Angeles CoP)

April 1st
Lean for Designers - An Architect's Take on Lean
(Los Angeles CoP)

April 2nd
Creating a Lean Project Delivery Enterprise
(Dallas-Fort Worth CoP)

April 8th
Intel's Construction Revolution
(NorCal CoP)

April 10th
A Lean Coffee

April 10th
Introduction to Lean Design & Construction

April 15th
Identifying Waste
(Arizona CoP)


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LCI Welcomes Our New Members!

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Words of Wisdom

As quoted in ENR, March 2/9, 2015, based on a recent CURT conference presentation: John Pemberton, vice president of Intel’s technology and manufacturing group, said, "We, as owners, are a big chunk of the problem. We write the contracts, we set up how the game is going to get played, and we often set up adversarial relationships with many of the people who are trying to do good work on our behalf…If we want a different result, we have to play a different game." [John also serves on the LCI Board of Directors.]


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LCI Annual Congress Deadline for Abstracts

We hope you will submit an abstract or two in the interest of presenting at this year’s annual Congress, set for October 12-16 in Boston, MA. This is your opportunity to reach a huge cross-section of the Lean Design and Construction community to share your challenges and triumphs in deploying Lean on project work. We’d love to hear from you by the deadline for abstracts set for March 31. If you are interested but need some assistance with the abstract format or thinking through how to characterize your talk, let us know and we can put you in touch with the planning team.

Full Instructions Here

LCI/P2SL/AIA Design Forum Takes Place June 17-18 in Chicago

Our annual Lean in Design forum is shaping up to be the best ever. In addition to general sessions with talks on the use of Lean in project work and research in the area of collaborative project delivery, this year we will feature round table discussions structured similarly to the popular “Lean Laboratories” which were pioneered at the LCI Congress last year. This will promote in-depth discussions led by Lean architect practitioners with expertise in these areas: conditions of satisfaction, technology/BIM, 3P, collaboration with engineering disciplines, building a Lean culture, and work planning. Preceded by a half-day training program with the opportunity to take a “Lean 101” course for designers or a more advanced, simulation-based session on use of Target Value Design, this program truly offers plenty for everyone interested in Lean in Design. Mark your calendar and plan to join us.

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A Reminder about a New LCI Member Benefit

As previously announced, there are 23 papers available to members only on the LCI website, on a host of topics relevant to Lean Design and Construction. We invite you to log in to the members’ center and check them out. In May, the Knowledge Transfer Team plans to meet again and generate another large set of these materials on new topics. Go to the LCI website and click on the “Knowledge Transfer Learning Laboratory” button.

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New Electri-funded Survey Focuses on Risks and Rewards of IPD for Specialty Contractors

We have been asked to encourage participation in a survey effort seeking to identify the benefits, risks, and opportunities of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Electri International is the research funding arm of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), and this survey was one of only two research efforts chosen by them for funding in 2015. It seeks to identify all the issues, whether real or perceived, so they can be addressed, recognizing that some responses may reflect IPD projects that were managed improperly. The feedback from those projects is considered just as important as that on successful projects, because it will allow the researchers to address what has gone wrong in the past. (The survey director also indicates he is particularly desirous of hearing from respondents with Lean Design and Construction experience.) Most of the survey is divided into three groups of questions: 1) PARTNER QUESTIONS: For those that have participated on an IPD project(s) as part of an IPD partnership. 2) PARTICIPANT QUESTIONS: For respondents that have participated on an IPD project but were NOT part of the IPD partnership. And, 3) NON-PARTICIPANT QUESTIONS: For survey respondents that have not participated in an IPD project.

To take the survey, click here

Lean (and LCI) in the News

Consulting-Specifying Engineer contains an article with these learning objectives and a reference to Lean and LCI: 1- Understand the key aspects of integrated project delivery (IPD) as it relates to building construction. 2- Learn how incorporating Lean can eliminate waste in the engineering process. 3- Know how to combine IPD and Lean processes to streamline building engineering. It’s great to see this magazine reaching a key constituency, the consulting engineers, with a positive message about IPD and Lean. They are a community we want to encourage to get more involved in our meetings and programming.

To view the article, click here

Turner Combines Lean and BIM for Optimum Project Results

An article in RealEstateRama highlights Turner Construction’s use of Lean in conjunction with BIM. It reads in pertinent part: “…as Jim Barrett, Chief Innovation Officer at Turner points out, after many years and many projects, they have come to understand that maximization of the true value creation capability of BIM is best combined with innovate Lean practices: "We apply Lean process improvement methods to establish the most efficient and effective work-flows and then build those as a BIM platform for better results."

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Congratulations Sutter Health!

ENR California has selected Sutter Health as Owner of the Year for 2015. It is great to see one of our flagship owner-members receiving this well-deserved recognition.

And Best Wishes for Continued Success to AGC President Chuck Greco/Linbeck

Chuck Greco has been a long-time member and leader in LCI, including past service on the LCI board. Chuck has now ascended to the 2015 national presidency of the Associated General Contractors, and recently recognized Lean in the AGC magazine: "Or consider the training and coursework on Lean construction…These courses are designed to better prepare construction professionals to adapt and succeed in an evolving construction marketplace. While the hope is they will return to their firms and begin delivering results in the short term, the ultimate goal is to build a more successful industry for the future."

Member Showcase

We love to showcase our members in our newsletter and on our website. If you are celebrating an anniversary or any other milestone, please share it with us. If you have a Lean project that you would like us to know about and post on our website, please contact

Upcoming LCI National Webinars:

March 30, 2015 –
On Time and On Budget!

James Pease will present his experience, via webinar and as an owner, with Lean Integrated Project Delivery over the last six years at Sutter Health. The presentation will focus on several projects delivered with Integrated Forms of Agreement ranging in size from $3M to $160M. Key topics will be covered with specific examples: Validation Studies, Target Value Design, Risk/Reward Pools, Last Planner System® Implementation, BIM, and Lean Training for Teams!

** This course material was previously titled: "Reliable Delivery of Capital Projects with Lean Integrated Project Delivery." If you attended the January 30, 2015 webinar, you needn't register for this one. This course is not the second of a series. **

Register Here


April 10, 2015 –
Introduction to Lean Design and Construction

This webinar, presented by David MacNeel from OnPoint Lean Consulting, will introduce Lean project delivery as an "operating system" based in principles and use of appropriate tools. Participants will learn that Lean is about understanding value and eliminating waste for continuous improvement of design and construction processes. The overview is focused on the practical implementation of Lean approaches with examples of how teams actually apply Lean.

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CoP Corner

Thank you to those CoPs who continue to participate in our CoP Chair calls. LCI continues to get a lot of great feedback from you and we hope that you get some great ideas from other Chairs. One idea that has come out of these calls is a Speaker’s Bureau. If you know of any speakers who are experts on their topic, good with crowds and willing to travel, please send their names and topics to so we can get the bureau started.

Get involved with your local CoP! For more information or to become active in a leadership or administrative role, please contact the people below:

Alabama John Gill
Arizona Bryan Bernardo
Atlanta (Ga) Webb Embry
Carolinas David Craft
Cascadia-Portland John Strickland
Cascadia-Seattle Jack Avery
Central Florida Ted Angelo
Central Indiana Andrea Sponsel
Chicago Rich Seiler
Colorado Charles Rountree
Dallas Fort Worth Mike Kotubey
Houston Stewart Trapino
Kansas City Greg Sikora
Las Vegas Jim Cavaness
Los Angeles Kris Manning
Memphis & Mid-South Patrick Johnston
Michigan Chad Stirrett
Mid Atlantic Kevin Labrecque
Middle Tennessee Kevin Millen
Nat'l Capital Region Aimee Fogarty/Peter Ukstins /
New England Nick Masci
New Mexico Sean Williams
New York Sam Spata
NorCal James Pease
Ohio Valley Joe Cleves
San Antonio Brandon Gaeke
San Diego Sandra LeDrew
Upper Midwest Eli Mastin
Wisconsin Ilene Goldberg


Check out the LCI calendar of events for more CoP events happening in your area!

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