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May 7, 2015

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May 8th
SAFETY WEEK WEBINAR - Transforming Your Safety Culture with Lean Management

May 8th
A Lean Coffee

May 13th
There is Building and There is Architecture - Opening the Black Box of Design
(NorCal CoP)

May 13th
Creating a Useful Project Production Tracking System
(NorCal CoP)

May 14th
Lean Thinking and Technology
(Central Indiana CoP)

May 14th
Design Using Last Planner System®
(San Diego CoP)

Introductions to Lean Construction & the Last Planner System®

May 20th
Utilization of Value Stream Mapping
(Arizona CoP)

May 20th
Just Say No to Overtime! Leaning a Design Firm
(Carolinas CoP)

May 21st
Just Say No to Overtime! Leaning a Design Firm
(Carolinas CoP)

May 22nd
WEBINAR- On Time and On Budget

June 10th
CURT 2015 Summer Meeting and Lean Summit

June 10th
Implementation of Lean Construction Principles and Practices on the JetBlue TSF Project
(Central Florida CoP)

June 11th
Introduction to the Last Planner System®
(New York CoP)


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LCI Welcomes Our New Members!

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Words of Wisdom

From: Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership, D. Golemen and R. Boyatzis, Harvard Business Review, Sept. 2008, pp. 2-3. Leading effectively is…about developing a genuine interest in and talent for fostering positive feelings in the people whose cooperation and support you need…top-performing leaders elicited laughter from their subordinates three times as often, on average, as did midperforming leaders. Being in a good mood, other research finds, helps people take in information effectively and respond nimbly and creatively. In other words, laughter is serious business.


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LCI Design Forum Returns to Chicago June 17-18, 2015

What does Lean refer to in the context of design work? How can it help you better serve client needs and manage your practice? How do some of the key tools and concepts like “Target Value Design” work, and how can you decide whether pursuing Lean would work for and benefit your firm? These are all questions to which our upcoming Lean in Design forum in Chicago can provide answers. Come learn about a broad range of techniques that constitute Lean practice, and meet and dialogue with others in the design profession who have been pursuing their Lean journey for an extended period. The program is a balance of training, in-depth general presentations, and an extensive opportunity for dialogue and Q&A around topics such as work planning, building a Lean culture, collaboration with engineering disciplines, and 3P design.

Full Details and Registration

17th Annual LCI Congress – Boston, MA

Mark your calendar for the 17th Annual LCI Congress, the premier annual gathering for the Lean Design and Construction community! Whether you are new to Lean, or would like to join the discussion on “Scaling Lean in the Enterprise” this is a must-attend event. The Design and Construction community will come together in Boston for training in Lean tools and techniques, as well as to hear from the thinkers, doers, and companies that are driving the next generation of Lean processes in their projects and organizations. If you want to know how to deliver better project outcomes in less time and at lower cost, if you want to greatly increase owner and team satisfaction, if you want to hear direct from industry leaders and visit the worksites that are helping define the field, you and your staff should be at the Congress. We have a content-rich week planned:

  • October 12-13 – Training Days
  • October 14-15 – Plenary Sessions and breakouts, featuring presentations of over 90 abstracts on Lean principles
  • October 16 – Gemba Day: tour project sites to observe Lean principles in action

Who should attend?: Architects/Designers • Engineers • General Contractors • Superintendents • Program Managers & Program Executives • Trade Partners

For more on the Congress

LCI Staff Notes

Please join us in welcoming the latest addition to the LCI staff, Joan Piccariello. As director of program development and execution, Joan will be serving as the primary staff support to our LCI annual Congress planning teams, as well as the LCI education committee and related knowledge transfer programs. Joan comes to LCI with an extensive background in program management, strategic planning, and conference planning. She has deep experience supporting teams of industry professionals working on volunteer committees like the ones at LCI, and previously she has worked in marketing, communications, and social media outreach in assignments in both trade associations and private industry. Many of you will see her at LCI-sponsored events throughout the year, culminating this fall in our Congress program. Welcome aboard, Joan!

LCI Members in the News

Our former board chairman (and current board member), Michael Bade of UCSF, recently teamed up with his general counsel, Christine Haas, to present a paper on the benefits of Lean in UCSF’s building program to a gathering of the Government Finance Officers Association. An excerpt reads, “The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) has been using Lean construction methods since 2007 to effect improvements such as consistent on-time delivery; avoidance of claims and costly adjudication; competitive, predictable costs; and improved design and building performance. The approach works by applying Lean management principles and concepts to the design and delivery of capital projects. First employed on private-sector projects such as industrial plants and hospitals, these ideas have started to show their value in the design and delivery of complex projects for the public sector over the last decade.”

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Under the headline “Turner Construction Company Holds Summit Meeting to Advance Lean Culture,” a PRWeb article recently discussed how Turner senior leaders toured the Sibley Memorial Hospital project, (a DC-based project right here in our backyard at LCI HQ). They engaged with the project team to discuss innovation and Lean lessons learned. “I’ve been in the industry 31 years and this is my first project where the team has fully embraced Lean practices and the results continue to surprise and impress me,” said Joe Kranz, project executive. He continued, “With enhanced communication and collaboration, we’ve witnessed an improvement in our entire workflow. Used in concert with BIM, Lean methods have helped individual building processes go better, which has helped drive overall efficiency and accelerate our schedule by two months. It has also yielded improvements in reliable commitments from subcontractors, allowing for more efficient planning of the work.

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Turner’s Senior Vice President, Matt Papenfus, also recently provided the keynote address on Lean leadership by example at the American Institute of Constructors’ Forum in Fort Worth, Texas. His remarks focused on leadership strategies for moving beyond the use of lean methods and tools, or “doing lean,” to “being lean.” He described Turner’s own journey, and looked at how the company is internalizing a larger lean framework and building a learning organization that embraces challenges as opportunities for improvement...

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Kern County (CA) has selected Balfour Beatty Construction to design and construct a new $100.5 million addition to the Kern County Justice Facility in Bakersfield. The project team for the 215,000-square-foot facility will utilize Lean construction practices and the latest technologies to efficiently deliver the facility. (

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Safety Week

The celebration of the 2015 safety week has been a great success. With record-breaking numbers of 371 in attendance on our webinars, we hope that you have found the knowledge presented useful and insightful. The recordings and slides decks of the webinars are available to view on our safety week web page.

There is still one more webinar to round out the week for those of you who have not had a chance to view one of the other two webinars presented by Skanska and Southland on their safety programs – or for those of you who were able to attend and gained a lot of useful information.

May 8, 2015, 11:30-12:30 EDT –
Transforming Your Safety Culture With Lean Management

Robert Hafey of RBH Consulting LLC, the author of Transforming Your Safety Culture with Lean Management and Lean Safety Gemba Walks – A Methodology for Workforce Engagement and Culture Change, will present this webinar which will give an overview of how to engage employees in honest safety discussions that have a dual benefit. They reduce the risk of injuries by pro-actively improving the safety of the work performed and at the same time, reduce the cycle time of the work processes.

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National Webinar

May 22, 2015 –
On Time and On Budget!

James Pease will present his experience, via webinar and as an owner, with Lean Integrated Project Delivery over the last six years at Sutter Health. The presentation will focus on several projects delivered with Integrated Forms of Agreement ranging in size from $3M to $160M. Key topics will be covered with specific examples: Validation Studies, Target Value Design, Risk/Reward Pools, Last Planner System® Implementation, BIM, and Lean Training for Teams!

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

Congratulations to the CoPs who have put on very successful national seminars with speakers such as Dick Bayer, David MacNeel, Dan Fauchier and David Umstot come and present on the Last Planner System®, Target Value Design and even an Intro to Lean. Watch out for more of these seminars coming to your region!


May 19, 2015 –
Introductions to Lean Construction and the Last Planner System® (National Capital Region CoP)

Klaus Lemke and Tom Richert of Lean Project Consulting will present this one-day introduction to Lean Construction and the Last Planner System®. They will use their real-world lean experience to explain the practical steps you can take to make a difference on your current project. This interactive and engaging workshop will explain how lean concepts can be applied to design and construction, and allow you to experience the difference yourself through a series of exercises including the Villego simulation.

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June 11, 2015 –
Introduction to the Last Planner System® (LeanNYC – NYC CoP)

This program will provide attendees with an understanding of the need to create and maintain reliable workflow on a project and how the Last Planner System® (LPS®) can help the project team accomplish this. Through various hands-on exercises, simulations and presentations the attendees will get a full introduction to LPS. This program will be presented by John Draper, Lean Project Consulting.

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Check out the LCI calendar of events for more CoP events happening in your area!

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