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May 28, 2015

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June 10th
CURT 2015 Summer Meeting and Lean Summit

June 10th
Implementation of Lean Construction Principles and Practices on the JetBlue TSF Project
(Central Florida CoP)

June 10th
Creating a Useful Project Production Tracking System
(Northern California CoP)

June 10th
There is Building and There is Architecture - Opening the Black Box of Design
(Northern California CoP)

June 11th
Introduction to the Last Planner System®
(New York CoP)

June 12th
A Lean Coffee

June 12th
Project Tour
(Colorado CoP)

June 17th
Arizona CoP Case Studies
(Arizona CoP)

June 17th
Board of Directors Meeting

June 17th - 18th
Lean in Design Forum

June 24th
Lean Project Delivery - Going From Good to Great
(Ireland CoP)

June 25th
Lean Aspects of the Core Lab for Carolinas HealthCare System
(Carolinas CoP)


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LCI Welcomes Our New Members!

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Words of Wisdom

From: The Art of Engagement, by Jim Haudan, pp. 233-34. People won't change if they perceive the "need to change" to be an indictment of their past…Leaders should say to their people, "The need to change is not an indictment of your past performance. What we did in the past worked, but it won’t work in the future. That's why we need to change!" While this sounds like common sense, it’s the starting gate for successful engagement, and that gate must be lifted by leaders and managers before the race to the future can begin.


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LCI/P2SL/AIA Lean in Design Forum – Great Learning and 10 AIA HSW Credits June 17-18

Aware of Lean in Design but looking for a better understanding of how it has served leading practitioner firms in generating better designs and higher client satisfaction? Our June 17-18 program in Chicago is tailor-made to answer your questions. We’ll lead off with basic training in Lean for Design taught by nationally-recognized practitioners, and follow up with a day-long program combining thought leadership and research with discussion sessions in which you can get your specific questions answered in topics areas like creating a Lean culture, implementation through 3P, working with the engineering community, and using Lean in your practice. Check out this site to learn more:

Full Details and Registration

Second Lean Knowledge Transfer Session Generates More Papers to Help your Lean Journey

A team of over 15 professionals has just concluded a second session of generating a wealth of papers on diverse topics related to the Lean journey. As a member of LCI, we hope by now you have accessed the similar array of papers available to you on our website. We encourage you to both make use of the content and send us comments to help us improve it. Some of the topics up there now include: Overview WHY, Value to Customer, Waste, Breakdowns, Kickoff - Team Forming, Facilitation, Leadership, Retrospection, Big "L" long term partners, High Performing Teams, and many others.

Access the material

COAA Conference Features Lots of Lean Presentations and Discussion

The recent spring conference of the Construction Owners Association of America (COAA) marked a real milestone in terms of Lean Construction-related presentations made available to a diverse audience of owners drawn mainly from higher education and institutional organizations. Our vice chairman of the board, Bill Seed, Walt Disney Imagineering, gave outstanding talks both on Lean and the new type of manager that will be needed to realize fully the promise of highly collaborative project delivery systems. Our former chairman, Victor Sanvido, Southland Industries, also gave an excellent and provocative talk on what it takes to make Lean succeed from the standpoint of a trade partner organization. Christian Pikel, UHS, also spoke to a packed room about the importance and usefulness of the Last Planner System® in UHS project work. Having attended COAA national meetings over the last couple of years, it was striking and encouraging to see the active engagement in so many Lean-related sessions on the part of the attendees, including some very stimulating Q&A.

LCI Owner Members

Speaking of owner organizations, LCI has reached a bit of a milestone ourselves as we celebrated the membership of our 20th owner member group this spring. This fulfilled the “stretch goal” for owner involvement we set for ourselves in 2014. We now have these groups on board as full corporate members of LCI: TN Dept. of General Services; Google; Advocate Healthcare; W. Disney; Intel; Kaiser; Sutter Health; UCSF; UHS; Merck; Microsoft; Amgen; CA Dept. of State Hospitals; Lockheed Martin; GM; Children’s Health; VA Sierra Pacific Network; U. of Washington – Capital Projects Office; Michigan State University, and Eli Lilly.


For all attendees of the 2014 Congress, we would love to see digital images of your Congress experiences. These will be used for marketing purposes so please understand that the photographs that you send to us may be used on our website and marketing materials so please choose wisely when sending them in. They should go to to Joan Piccariello at

CURT/LCI/AGC Lean Summit – June 10 in Cincinnati

The Lean Construction Summit is an opportunity for owners, design professionals, contractors and industry associations to come together in a unique setting to learn about new techniques and trends in lean construction, network with each other, share best practices, and develop solutions to improve the construction industry in the United States and around the world. The agenda is designed to further industry understanding of how to improve the value and decrease the waste in the delivery of capital projects. Please register today and make plans to attend. Planned content includes presentations from nationally recognized speakers and companies, information about tools and resources available to you, your companies and teams to improve safety and quality, increase productivity and efficiency on capital projects while delivering the highest value to your stakeholders. Format will include both plenary presentations and targeted advanced and introductory concurrent sessions. Among the speakers for the event are: Rex Miller, author and thought leader; Will Lichtig, The Boldt Company; Howard Ashcraft, Attorney with Hanson Bridgett; Dean Reed, DPR Construction; Bill Seed, Walt Disney Imagineering; Jeff Grillo, Intel Corporation; James Pease, Sutter Health; and Jeffrey Curry, Google.

For more information and to register

National Webinars

Thank you to all of the presenters who have presented webinars so far for us: Kristin Hill, Klaus Lemke, Dick Bayer, David MacNeel, Dan Fauchier, David Umstot, Katherine Copeland, James Pease and the teams that presented our safety webinars during safety week. LCI really appreciates the time that you invested in your webinars and knows that the attendees do as well.

We will be offering more webinars in the coming months on safety, LPS and CBA and hope that you will be able to join us.

National Seminars

June 11, 2015 – LeanNYC (NYCoP)
Introduction to the Last Planner System® (LPS®)

This program will provide attendees with an understanding of the need to create and maintain reliable workflow on a project and how the LPS can help the project team accomplish that. Through various hands-on exercises, simulations and lecture the attendees will get a full introduction to LPS. This presentation is open to everyone county-wide and will be presented by John Draper, Lean Project Consulting.

Register Here

Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

Congratulations to David Craft and the Carolinas CoP who have been having a wonderful year so far with putting on events and helping people along their Lean journey. They will also be having a national event in August – Choosing by Advantages with John Koga – so keep an eye out for that on our website and in your Inboxes.

To get more involved with your CoPs, including at the core group level, please contact the Chairs of your local CoPs:


CoP Name E-mail
Alabama John Gill
Arizona Bryan Bernardo
Atlanta (Ga) Webb Embry
Carolinas David Craft
Cascadia-Portland John Strickland
Cascadia-Seattle Jack Avery
Central Florida Ted Angelo
Central Indiana Andrea Sponsel
Chicago Rich Seiler
Colorado Charles Rountree
Dallas Fort Worth Mike Kotubey
Houston Stewart Trapino
Kansas City Greg Sikora
Las Vegas Jim Cavaness
Los Angeles Kris Manning
Memphis & Mid-South Patrick Johnston
Michigan Chad Stirrett
Mid Atlantic Kevin Labrecque
Middle Tennessee Kevin Millen
Nat'l Capital Region Peter Ukstins
New England Nick Masci
New Mexico Sean Williams
New York Sam Spata
NorCal James Pease
Ohio Valley Joe Cleves
San Antonio Brandon Gaeke
San Diego Sandra LeDrew
Upper Midwest Eli Mastin


Check out the LCI calendar of events for more CoP events happening in your area!

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