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June 11, 2015

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June 16th
Catalyzing Lean Transformation: Process Improvement and 5S
(Cascadia-Seattle CoP)

June 17th
Arizona CoP Case Studies
(Arizona CoP)

June 17th
Lessons Learned: Sharing Successes and Challenges
(Arizona CoP)

June 17th - 18th
Lean in Design Forum

June 24th
Using an Op Ex Approach for Facility Master Planning
(Los Angeles CoP)

June 25th
Lean Aspects of the Core Lab for Carolinas HealthCare System
(Carolinas CoP)

June 25th
Lean Construction and the Last Planner System®
(Memphis & Mid-South CoP)


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Words of Wisdom

Onboarding – from LCI Knowledge Laboratory papers on the LCI website, LCI - 2015 "In a project-based industry it is common for groups and individuals who have never worked together to come together for a program or project. It is shortsighted to believe these individuals will immediately know how to work together and understand the project's Conditions of Satisfaction. A Lean/IPD approach to project delivery is a significant departure from traditional delivery. Onboarding provides a way for team members to reach common levels of learning and project understanding as new team members are added to a project. Onboarding ensures that a team's – and organization's- cultural, behavioral, and procedural environments are not disrupted."


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LCI/P2SL/AIA Lean in Design Forum – Cutting-Edge Learning and 10 AIA HSW Credits June 17-18

The Design industry is changing rapidly. Attend the Lean in Design Forum and hear how design firms are reshaping themselves in this emerging market, including the opportunity to play a larger leadership role than ever before. Learn how to improve day-to-day work life for yourself and your colleagues. Registration is filling up fast and this is your LAST CHANCE to register for this cutting-edge forum that shows how to transform your design efforts to better meet client needs using Lean methodology!

Full Details and Registration

17th Annual LCI Congress –
Registration to Open Soon!

October 12-16, 2015, Boston, MA

Congress' purpose is to bring the Lean Design & Construction community together for education, networking and thought leadership discussion and training. 75 industry presentations will be presented over the two-day period of October 14th and 15th, via standalone and panel discussions. The attendees will have an opportunity to hear several guest keynote speakers:

  • Paul O’Neill – Former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury; worker safety advocate
  • Steven Spear – Author of The High Velocity Edge
  • John Shook – Chairman and CEO, Lean Enterprise Institute
  • Niklas Modig – Co-author of This is Lean

Registration for the 17th Annual Congress is set to open soon so be sure to watch your Inboxes for the notices. If you have not yet, be sure to sign up now to be notified of special registration updates and when registration is open to the public!

Full Details and Pre-Registration

LCI Members: Check out the LCI Knowledge Transfer Learning Laboratory on the website

If you have not as yet done so, check out these papers, which are intended to introduce and provide an overview of the many learning topics associated with a common framework established to help project teams and organizations progress along their Lean journey. Links embedded within these papers help the reader to gain a deeper understanding of topics by providing the inter-relationship among the topic matter. As one develops a deeper understanding of each topic as well as their relationship to each other their journey matures and benefits accrue. The papers are what LCI believes to be the current best knowledge in the industry today, but we recognize that the learning is intended to be continuous. As such, we encourage comment and feedback on this content for the purpose of improvement.

Learning Laboratory

AIA Annual Conference Reflections

Ilene Goldberg from the LCI Staff attended and exhibited at the Annual AIA Conference in Atlanta, Ga from May 13-16, 2015. The show was featured over 5,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors. There were keynote speakers such as Bill Clinton and the show featured a lot of interesting sessions and tours. There was a lot of interest in LCI and Lean methodology and how they relate to Design and Architecture. If you are interested in learning more about Lean and LCI, please contact Ilene.


For all attendees of the 2014 Congress, we would love to see digital images of your Congress experiences. These will be used for marketing purposes so please understand that the photographs that you send to us may be used on our website and marketing materials so please choose wisely when sending them in. They should go to to Joan Piccariello at

LCI and Safety

At our Congress we are going to have a track dedicated to safety. For Safety week, we had three webinars from companies dedicated to safety and training for safety in the Lean world which can be viewed here. Soon, LCI will be opening a safety website where you can find safety topics for Design and Construction as well as helpful hints for safety meetings and "Toolbox Talks." There are also other safety webinars in the works such as one from XL Construction in August, so keep an eye out for information on LCI and safety!

Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

There will be a CoP Chairs webinar on June 24th at 11:00 am EDT. All Chairs please watch your Inboxes for the agenda, collateral and details for the webinar dial-in.

LCI would like to congratulate the DFW CoP who, even with their change of leadership, has managed to put on an event every month and stay ahead of the curve. This July they will be having Patrick Duke from CBRE speak so be sure to register for this seminar as it promises to be a great one!

July 9, 2015 – 7:00 pm-9:00pm
No Looking Back: The Launching of an IPD Project

Patrick Duke from CBRE will focus on discussing the unique aspects of launching an IPD Project. Attendees will be exposed to the education required and struggles for an owner when determining to use IPD on their projects. They will leave with a better understanding of the steps required to successfully launch an IPD project and be able to put this knowledge into practice with their clients and industry partners on future projects.

Register Here


Check out the LCI calendar of events for more CoP events happening in your area!

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Executive Director

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