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July 17, 2015

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July 24th
Lean Construction Education Program Unit 5
(AGC California)

July 28th - 31st
International Global Lean Construction Conference
(Perth, Australia)

August 7th
Lean Construction Education Program Unit 6
(AGC California)

August 10th
Choosing By Advantages (CBA) Sound Decision Making System
(Carolinas CoP)

August 12th
Lean Leadership: Building the Lean Culture
(NorCal CoP)


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Words of Wisdom

From: Leadership and Lean/IPD Projects, LCI Knowledge Transfer Papers (See LCI Website)
Leadership is essential for building the kind of new and unusual cultural environment in which Lean/IPD projects succeed…Leadership is not management. Management’s purpose – to control and maintain stability – is diametrically opposed to leadership’s purpose of effecting change. A manager typically keeps matters stable and in control; a leader typically unsettles, destabilizes, and provokes team members to consider new opportunities.


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The Media Buzz About IPD and Lean Construction

There are many encouraging signs that Lean is really taking off in terms of awareness and adoption across the industry. Among these is the sudden media buzz we are seeing in the flagship industry publication, ENR. For years we were fortunate to get even a passing reference to Lean in national media, and often it was served up in a less than positive light. No more. In successive editions we have seen articles in ENR treating IPD generally and Lean specifically in a balanced and positive way. This started in the May25/June 1 edition with a market analysis indicating that competition for new business remains fierce, and many firms are concentrating on Lean process improvements to remain competitive. LCI members Turner, SpawGlass, and Messer were quoted. This was followed June 15 with a major article on IPD and Lean, citing the challenges and opportunities in a balanced way. The June 29 publication then carried a piece on the market for design work in transportation projects, quoting a designer who indicated that "technical skills are a given" in terms of customer expectations, but what is now being demanded are enhanced, "creativity, tenacity and problem solving skills…So-called 'soft skills' that enhance the planning and design of both individual projects and multifaceted programs…" Sure sounds like a clarion call for the use of Lean in Design!

LCI Design Forum Featured many more Design Firm Attendees this Year

Our annual Design Forum sponsored each June with P2SL and AIA came off very successfully in Chicago again this year. It featured a keynote by Prof. Renee Cheng of the U. Minn. School of Architecture, who spoke about a major research effort she conducted under AIA auspices looking at case studies of the positive effects of collaborative project delivery methods on project outcomes. We featured half-day training programs on Lean and Target Value Design which were very well received, as were a variety of breakout sessions in which attendees could self-select which to attend for discussions around topics like establishing a Lean culture, working most effectively with the engineering community, P3, using Lean for work planning, and others. This year we had over 30 design firms in attendance, the most ever, creating the opportunity for a very balanced dialogue with the contractors and others that participated.

LCI 17th Annual Congress –
Registration to Open Next Week!

October 12-16, 2015, Boston, MA

We have a content-rich week planned:

  • October 12-13 – Training Days: specialized training on several Lean topics including Introduction to Lean, The Last Planner System®, Choosing By Advantages, Shingo Model, Factory Physics, and Associated General Contractors (AGC) Certificate of Management-Lean Construction Courses
  • October 14-15 – General Sessions and breakouts, featuring presentations and panel discussion on over 75 abstracts on Lean principles
  • October 16 – Gemba Day: Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in project site visits that highlight Lean implementation and reflect the progress of Lean in today’s building environment.

Congress Details

LCI Spearheads Development of new Industry Satisfaction Survey

At our board’s direction, LCI has embarked on a national survey effort to gauge the level of owner satisfaction with project work with the goal of developing a baseline against which we can survey in the future to help determine whether IPD, Lean, and other collaborative techniques are “moving the needle” on industry satisfaction. We have contracted with Dodge Analytics to develop and execute the survey and assist in compiling the results which will be made available widely later this year. We also are partnering with AGC and with owners’ groups like CURT and COAA, and other industry associations to reach as wide a base of survey participants as possible. More on this will appear in future newsletters, as well as the annual Congress this fall.

LCI Introduces New Safety Management Resources for Design and Construction Industries

Since LCI participated in the 2nd Annual Safety Week, there has been a clamor for safety resources. LCI has put together web pages for Contractors, Designers and Trades Partners to help keep everyone aware of safety rules and regulations and give ideas on how to reduce incidents and accidents.

View Safety Pages Here

Upcoming Webinars

August 19, 2015 – 11:30 am -1:00 pm - EDT
A Lean Coach's Analysis of Last Planner® Successes and Failures

Don't miss it as Dan Fauchier, from the ReAlignment Group of California, LLC, affiliated with Umstot Project Facilities and Solutions, will discuss how a dozen or more project teams (design and construction, current and past) have implemented Last Planner System® (LPS®), the triumphs and stumbles, the pitfalls and challenges, on a variety of project types (schools, hospitals, prisons, commercial, residential). He will share case histories, show photos, demonstrate his energetic 15 minute kickoff explanation of LPS (it will give you some ideas on tightly coupling learning with action), give tips on facilitating LPS sessions, and take lots of questions. This session will be very interactive.

Register Here

August 28, 2015 – 11:30 am -12:30 pm- EDT
Using Leading Indicators to Improve Construction Safety

Kevin Ng from XL Construction will explain how to use Lean tools in the measurement and analysis of leading indicators of safety incidents to prevent accidents on safety projects. This webinar is free of charge.

Register Here

Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

There are a lot of exciting things happening with the CoPs recently. The first being the change in the role of Ilene Goldberg and HQ in helping the CoPs with their day-to-day functioning. We are here to help with programming, speakers, catering and venues and want the CoPs to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Many CoPs have started having monthly Lean Coffees to get their members together in dialogue about Lean topics and techniques. Take part in an open conversation about the topics that are relevant to your Lean community. CoPs want to hear about the problems you are solving, the issues you want to solve, and lessons you’ve learned on your Lean Journey. Try to find a Lean Coffee from a CoP in your area, come as you are and be ready to learn, collaborate and contribute!

Lean Coffee - Lean Coffees were created by Jim Benson and Jeremy Lightsmith as a melding of Open Space Technology (OST) and Personal Kanban (PK). OST is a process for having a group democratically develop an agenda for conversations and then managing that agenda. Kanban is used to visually manage the conversation. Lean Coffee is a free space for people to explore issues and concerns that they otherwise don’t get to discuss. This free space gives people a chance to try out behaviors, exercise leadership, get help, give help and grow professionally.

If any CoP would like help to start a Lean Coffee program, just contact Ilene Goldberg.

The New Englad CoP has been having wonderful success with their events. Here is a synopsis of what their last event was like and some of the takeaways:

Pull Planning Our Way to an Ideal Preconstruction Process
Jim Riley, Turner Construction
Lauren Deck, Shepley Bulfinch
Matt Gifford, Shepley Bulfinch
Jim Chambers, Shepley Bulfinch
John Mclaughlin, SullyMac
John Cannistraro, Cannistraro

If our design process isn’t lean, how do we expect our construction process to be? This was the hot topic at the LCI New England Community of Practice event in June where a team of designers, CMs, and MEP subcontractors shared their approach to an ideal precon process. Shepley Bulfinch worked with Turner, and MEP subcontractors SullyMac and Cannistraro to create a pull plan that allows them to manage information and decisions down to a weekly basis. “Not only does this help our team stay on schedule, it improves the quality of our work because we’re leveraging the entire team to make better decisions at the right time in the process,” said Lauren Deck of Shepley Bulfinch Architects.

Every member of the project team has a perspective that informs the design process. Enlisting that perspective at the right time pays off. John Cannistraro, president of mechanical & plumbing subcontractor Cannistraro, typically sees 30 RFIs per million dollars in construction cost on a project. For projects where he is brought on board during design, he sees that number drop 97% to an average of 1 RFI per million.

CoPs are also starting to gear up for the end of the year and holding monthly events. Please keep an eye on your Inboxes and our calendar of events for a presentation in your area.

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