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October 26, 2015

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Words of Wisdom

From: This is Lean, By Niklas Modig and Par Ahlstrom, Special LCI edition, 2015. Available for purchase on the LCI website at https://www.leanconstruc

[W]e see Lean as an operations strategy, as a strategy with which to achieve a goal…But it is important to emphasize that all those values, principles, methods, and tools that you find in the books are not in themselves "lean." They are means for realizing a lean operations strategy. To see them as means does not make them any less valuable; in fact, just the opposite is true…Anything that helps us eliminate, reduce and manage the variation in an organization is a good means with which to realize a lean operations strategy.


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Upcoming Events

October 28th
Lean Coffee
(Kansas City CoP)

November 4th and 5th
Pipeline Leadership Conference
(University of Denver, Denver, CO)

November 5th
Wabash Valley Lean Network Membership Meeting - "Standard Work"

November 10th
WEBINAR - Last Planner System®: Why Should Owners Care?

November 11th
3rd Annual Owner’s Panel – IPD and Lean Construction from an Owner's Perspective
(Los Angeles CoP)

November 12th
Pull Planning with the Villego® Simulation
(Chicago CoP)

November 13th
The True Meaning of Lean in BIM
(National Capital Region CoP)

November 17th
"Launching an Integrated Delivery Project"
(Alabama CoP)

November 18th
Daily Continuous Improvement Workshop:
Building Collaboration To Continually Improve AEC Delivery

(Ohio Valley CoP)

November 19th
Lean Adoption by Trade Contractors: What's in it for Us?
(New York CoP)


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Thanks to many of you for attending the 17th Annual Congress in Boston!

We were pleased with attendance of almost 1000, and an extensive program that included four keynotes, over 200 presenters, over 20 training courses and seven Gemba tours.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and exhibitors as well. The Congress would not have been complete without your contribution!

When asked what was valuable at this conference, one of our attendees stated: "Many good takeaways from the experiences shared by the presenters. An energized attitude to dive deeper into educating myself, and my organization to improve processes in our daily work that ultimately translates to a successful project."

Special Thanks to the 2015 Congress Planning Team for all their efforts in putting together this year’s in-depth program:

Hal Macomber, Lean Project Consulting (LCI Congress Conference Chairman)
Chris Dierks, DPR Construction (Congress Champion Lead)
Christian Blomdahl, Suffolk Construction
Joubin Hassanein, Shawmut Construction
Liz Long, MOCA Systems
Colin Milberg, ASKM and Associates
Jim Morgan, Worcester Air
Tom Richert, Lean Project Consulting
Tim Vander Molen, Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc.

Access and download photos from the 2015 Congress event!

LCI Books Available for Order:

We introduced two brand new books as handouts at Congress this year. These included Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change – Bill Seed, Executive Editor. This is a compilation of brief discussion papers generated in two separate sessions hosted by LCI in fall 2014 and spring 2015 in which about 20 active Lean practitioners from across the industry contributed their expertise and advice. The 260-pg. book is a great resource for generating discussion and learning among project teams, training program participants, or other company-sponsored sessions in which Lean tools and techniques are the focus of discussion.

The second book is an LCI 2015 Special Edition: This Is Lean – by Niklas Modig & Par Åhlstrom. "This book, distributed exclusively at Congress, goes to the heart of "Lean" with a laser focus on the theory and implications of flow efficiency. The Lean Construction community started from a different place and context. Had This is Lean been available in the early years, we might better have managed the development of Lean Construction. We tried to shape the industry as it stood. This new book should spark some deeper exploration and forward thinking. So read the book!" (From the back cover endorsement by LCI co-founder, Greg Howell)

Both of these outstanding books are available for purchase online:

Please contact Julia Shellhouse for bulk orders (available to LCI Corporate Members only)

Save The Date for Congress 2016

Upcoming webinar:

Last Planner System® – Why Should Owners Care?
November 10 - 11:00am – 12:30 pm EST
Christian Pikel, UHS of Delaware

Almost all projects struggle with adherence to schedule and missed commitments. Studies indicate that nearly half the commitments on a typical project aren't met, and this is compounded by project schedules replete with contingency (float) and developed in silos, with minimal or no collaboration. The Last Planner System® is a tool that puts ownership of the project schedule back in the hands of those closest to the value and asks for accountability within the team. This provides a framework for making reliable commitments, learning from plan failures, and extracting waste from project schedules. Hear from an Owner why we need to pay attention to this technique, insist on its use on our projects, and consider implementing it as a fundamentally different approach to project planning.

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

Thank you to everyone who attended the CoP Chair’s meeting at Congress. There was a lot of helpful and important feedback gathered from the Chairs that I know will be put into practice in the coming year.

If you have not yet turned in your A3, there is still time. Please send it in to Ilene Goldberg.

The Kansas City CoP is having their re-launch event, a Lean Coffee on October 28th. If you happen to be in that area, we hope you will be able to attend. For more information on the Kansas City CoP, please contact Brooke Coffin at

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If you have not filled out your Kansas City CoP Survey, here is the link:


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Dan C. Heinemeier, CAE
Executive Director

Ph: (423) 760-3667 · @:


As an LCI Congress attendee, you’re invited to see what’s new in healthcare design at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference!
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As an LCI Congress attendee, Emerald Expositions would like to introduce you to the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference. The Healthcare Design Expo & Conference is devoted to design of responsibly built environments and their impact on safety, operation, clinical outcomes and the financial success of healthcare facilities both now and into the future. View innovative new products, earn continuing education credits, network, and help influence the future of this industry. Make plans to attend today!

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