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November 19, 2015

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Words of Wisdom

From: "Team Partner Selection" in Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change, LCI, 2015, p. 118.
To order copies, see:

The typical process of selecting team members is broken and laden with wasted effort…When assembling Lean/IPD project teams, it is crucial to use a different approach and select team members who will deliver the right project for the best cost against the bid or first cost. Effective Lean/IPD teams: use conceptual estimating (specifically Target Value Design); collaborate well; have effective team chemistry; innovate; and are comfortable in a learning environment. The RFP and assessment process should therefore seek to determine these effective team traits.


Upcoming Events

November 19th
Lean Adoption by Trade Contractors: What's in it for Us?
(New York CoP)

December 3rd
How Can the Lean Construction Community Support Owners?
(Cascadia Portland CoP)

December 3rd
Hands - On Lean Training in Pull Planning
(New England CoP)

December 3rd
Lean Construction Institute Year in Review & Holiday Party
(National Capital Region CoP)

December 4th
Retrospective Roundtable on IPD Project Startup: A Tale of Two Projects
(Colorado CoP)

December 7th
Daily Continuous Improvement Workshop
(Ohio Valley CoP)

December 9th
LCI National Congress Highlights & Improving Project Delivery
(Central Florida CoP)

December 11th
A Lean Coffee - December
(National Capital Region CoP)

December 16th
A Lean Coffee - December
(Kansas City CoP)

December 17th
WEBINAR- A Lean Coach's Analysis of Last Planner® Successes and Failures, with Dan Fauchier


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Knowledge Transfer Library Still Available to LCI Members on our Website

Don't forget the availability of an outstanding training and discussion tool LCI has just published in book form: Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change. The book contains dozens of brief papers by knowledgeable practitioners (see the "Words of Wisdom" quote in this newsletter for a typical excerpt) developed in two separate, cross-industry brainstorming sessions. Copies of the book are available for order through the LCI website at Please also access the material on the website, which is open to all LCI members, and give us your input and comments on improvements that can be made. We want to maintain this site as an ongoing, two-way communications opportunity to ensure the state of the art in Lean Design and Construction continues to advance.

Lean Project Recognition in Ft. Worth, TX

Congratulations to LCI member company Balfour Beatty Construction on winning the contract to erect 640 Taylor, a new 25-story, 323,415-square-foot commercial office tower. As Read Ballew, president of Balfour Beatty's Texas Division, said in pertinent part, "We are honored to play a part in Fort Worth's growth and are committed to the success of this world-class, landmark facility. We will leverage Lean construction practices and the latest virtual design technologies to efficiently deliver this project..." We thank Balfour Beatty for noting its commitment to Lean techniques in its press release accompanying acknowledgement of the project win. Businesswire carries more of the story.

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Lean Project Recognized in the Savannah, GA Market

We also want to recognize LCI member company JE Dunn on completion of a design build correctional facility project in Savannah, GA using Lean techniques. The publication CorrectionalNEWS notes: By using Lean construction practices like pull planning and daily stand-up meetings, the project team finished the Effingham County Sheriff's Office and Jail project two months ahead of schedule. When asked how this project differed from ones you've completed in the past, Bryan Ferris, senior project manager, answered: "This project was unique...[it] utilized Lean management principles and the Last Planner System, which were not currently being utilized in the Savannah market." We hope that recognition of a successful Lean project in a media source read by correctional and other public officials with construction responsibilities will expand awareness of Lean's promise in Savannah and beyond.

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Congress 2016 Update

The 2016 Congress Theme will be Building People, Transforming Culture. Save the Date for Congress 2016, October 3-7, 2016 in Chicago, IL. The 2016 Congress Planning Team is well underway to prepare for our 18th Annual LCI Congress, and has formed subcommittees to address: Champions, Gemba Day, Keynotes, Marketing, Training and Volunteers.

Watch for the call for abstracts in January of 2016.

For more information please email Joan Piccariello at:

National Webinar:

A Lean Coach's Analysis of Last Planner® Successes and Failures
December 17 – 11:00am - 12:30pm EST
Dan Fauchier, The ReAlignment Group of California LLC

Dan Fauchier will discuss how a dozen or more project teams (design and construction - current and past) have implemented Last Planner System® (LPS®), the triumphs and stumbles, the pitfalls and challenges, on a variety of project types (schools, hospitals, prisons, commercial, residential). He will share case histories, show photos, demonstrate his energetic 15 minute kickoff explanation of LPS (it will give you some ideas on tightly coupling learning with action), give tips on facilitating LPS sessions, and take lots of questions. This session will be very interactive.

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner

Alabama Community of Practice Hosts Discussion Session on use of IPD
Our new member company, CBRE, has jumped in with both feet to help LCI get the word out on the benefits of Lean and IPD to owners and contractors in the form of presentations by Patrick Duke for several of our Communities of Practice. This week, as an example, Patrick briefed our local Community of Practice in Birmingham, AL. Patrick drew on his extensive experience with IPD projects to offer the group advice and ideas on how to move IPD projects forward among those without previous IPD experience. (Patrick's single most successful IPD project was actually a public hospital project.) He spoke about the steps to establishing an IPD project, plus key performance metrics and outcomes. Steps included establishing that IPD was a good "fit" for the owner, selecting teams (vs. "forming" teams post-selection), alignment of the teams at project initiation, and launching the project.

Kansas City CoP Relaunch and New Facebook Page
The Kansas City CoP had a successful relaunch with their Lean Coffees and we hope that you have been able to join them. Keep an eye out for the next invite for their coffee on December 13th. The KC CoP has just released a Facebook page so be sure to take a look and like their page for the latest in Lean activities within the CoP and the Kansas City area: Contact Brooke Coffin, the CoP chair for more information about KC CoP activities:

National Capital Region CoP Year in Review
On December 3rd, the National Capital Region CoP is having their Year in Review and Holiday Party at Top of the Town in Arlington, VA, featuring dramatic and sweeping views across the Potomac River of Washington D.C. Join them for an evening with fellow owners, architects, engineers and constructors to connect and learn how others are leaning into this challenge. In addition to casual networking the CoP will have a short program to share highlights from their journey this year featuring:

  • Key takeaways from the 17th Annual Lean Construction Congress including preliminary findings from recent research investigating the correlation of capital project delivery performance and various management method
  • Why owners are changing their way of doing business to extract more value out of their capital project delivery process
  • What resources exist within the National Capital Region community to support you in learning more and improving how you work

Join the CoP as they celebrate the end of another successful year and hear their story!

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