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December 17, 2015

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Words of Wisdom

From: The glossary accompanying Transforming Design and Construction: A Framework for Change, LCI, 2015, pp. 247.
Five Big Ideas: A set of organizing principles that support Lean Project Delivery. These were developed to explain and organize the Sutter Health Lean Construction Initiative: Optimize the project not the piece; Collaborate, really Collaborate (originally implied "specialty contractors involved at schematic design"); Projects as Networks of Commitment; Increase Relatedness; and Tightly Couple Action and earning. This book may be ordered at https://www.lean


LCI Welcomes Our New Members!

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Upcoming Events

December 17th
WEBINAR- A Lean Coach's Analysis of Last Planner® Successes and Failures, with Dan Fauchier


January 7th
A Lean Coffee
(Chicago CoP)

January 13th
Continuous Improvement: Case Study from University of California, San Francisco
(Northern California CoP)

January 13th
Society of Marketing Professional Services Event on Lean Construction
(Chicago CoP)

January 21st
Owners Panel Breakfast – Universities Leaning In
(New York CoP)

January 28th and 29th
(Berkeley, CA)

January 29th
Villego: A Last Planner® Experience
(Upper Midwest CoP)

June 1st and 2nd
Design Forum
(Chicago, IL)

October 3rd thru 7th
18th Annual LCI Congress
(Chicago, IL)


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Call for Owner Participation

The Lean Construction Institute and Dodge Data & Analytics are continuing an important research study with owners, seeking to compare performance on your best recent project vs. a typical project. We are seeking to capture basic information on owner satisfaction with cost, safety, schedule, and quality. The value of the research findings includes: Determining factors that have the most impact on project performance, providing useful guidance to owners to improve project performance, and distributing findings for free to the global construction industry. Please use his link to take the survey, or if you are a designer or contractor, please encourage your clients to participate.

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Save the Date! LCI / P2SL / AIA Design Forum 2016 Date now set

The next annual Design Forum takes place January 28-29 in Berkeley, CA. Make plans now to join us! The excellent agenda for the Berkeley Forum may be viewed at the link below. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.

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LCI Congress Update – Building People, Transforming Culture

The LCI Congress 2016 team is well underway planning another excellent program. The 18th Annual Congress will be held October 3-7, 2016, Chicago. The team has formed several subcommittees concentrating on Champions (look for the Call for Abstracts in January), Training Days, Gemba Day, Marketing, Volunteers and Keynotes. Our theme is "Building People, Transforming Culture."

LCI Education Committee Update

The LCI Education Committee will be publishing an Improved Instructor process soon. The committee has plans to continually improve the LCI courses that were taught at Congress. The Education Committee, in conjunction with the Standards Committee is supporting a TVD Workshop in the first quarter of 2016. White papers on TVD processes and an inventory of tools are the intended outcome of the TVD Workshop.

AGC Rolls out Lean Credentialing Program

Fifty-one construction professionals received a new national accreditation in the use of Lean Construction, a holistic practice aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency on construction projects. The professional designation offered by AGC of America, is a new assessment-based credential to recognize construction professionals on their ability to use the process. Association officials noted that Lean theory, principles and techniques provide the foundation for a more collaborative form of project management that seeks to minimize costs and maximize efficiency on construction projects.

Watch this video to learn what participants are saying about AGC's credentialing program and find out how you can earn your own certificate.

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Lean Construction in the International Press

It was interesting to see recently that no less a publication than the Economist carried a reference to Lean Construction in its "The World in 2016" edition. The mayor of Rio de Janeiro wrote an op-ed piece on his city's successful bid to host the Olympics, and cited Lean as one of the tools being used to ensure the games serve the city, not the other way around: "We prioritized lean construction and long-term planning, developing a concept we call 'nomadic architecture.' Temporary Olympic arenas will be reassembled as public facilities in the city's poorer areas." He did not elaborate further in this brief article on how Lean was being utilized in support of the overall construction effort.

Also in international news, daily Commercial News of Canada reports that the Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) is working towards creating a standard contract for IPD in the Canadian market. A CCDC task force now has a consultation draft expected to be circulated soon to the CCDC's constituent associations (as well as some owners) for review prior to being finalized, said task force member Serge Massicotte. (Serge is among the Canadian construction industry leaders who has worked with LCI as we helped establish our sister association in Canada.)

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Better Contracts Save You Time & Money

Speaking of new and more effective contract forms, LCI is a contributing member of the ConsensusDocs partnership, which produces the only standard contracts written by 40+ leading design and construction industry associations. With 100+ contracts, ConsensusDocs helps you reduce risk contingencies by fairly allocating risk and incorporating best practices. ConsensusDocs are written in understandable terms and empower you to easily edit your documents. At this time of the year, CD is offering you a 30% savings on their regular subscription price. Use discount code WINTER30 at ConsensusDocs, and purchase your subscription by December 31, 2015 to obtain the discount. (*not to be used for current accounts or combined with other discounts*) For additional information, visit or contact them at (866) 925-3627.

LCI Member Announces new Partnership, References use of Lean Construction

Welty Construction, a Fairlawn, OH-based company announced this month that it has partnered with Millcraft Investments, a real estate and development company in Western Pennsylvania, to form Millcraft-Welty Construction. Welty operates offices in Fairlawn, Cleveland and Columbus. The company's projects include the Kay Jewelers Pavilion at Akron Children's Hospital, which adhered to lean construction principles.

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Chicago CoP hosts Society of Marketing Professional Services Event on Lean Construction

It's no secret that the construction industry is brimming with waste. Underutilized labor, overproduction, redesign and other wasteful activities have been detrimental to creating value for the client. Lean techniques revolutionized the manufacturing industry by minimizing waste and maximizing value, and it's doing the same in construction. Now that owners and project partners are starting to use Lean principles in the Midwest, marketers need to learn the basics and the benefits.

Lean Design and Construction: What Marketers Need to Know
Wednesday, January 13, 2016, Chicago, IL, 11:30am-1:15pm

150 North Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60601

Come join a panel of Lean experts from the Lean Construction Institute Chicago Community of Practice as they share their knowledge and answer your questions.

Speakers: Rich Seiler, Unified Works
Afshan Barshan, Skender Construction
Tim Vander Molen, Integrated Facilities Solutions, Inc.
Carlo Salvador, AIA, LEED AP, Keganivo Group

Moderator: Stephanie Sulcer, Skender Construction

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Community of Practice (CoP) Corner — A Year in Review

It's been a wonderful year for our CoPs – some of them have been able to have successful re-launches and many of them have been able to keep "current" based on a membership that continues to grow and get stronger.

Through Lean Coffees, Local Education Programs and National Seminars, our CoPs continue to give their communities the training it wants in the environment it needs. The CoPs want you to be able to attend and share your experiences in a low-pressure environment and thank you for supporting their efforts to bring you that community.

LCI encourages you to become involved in your local CoP to bring your own experience and training to others and perhaps take on a leadership role within the CoP. Please contact one of these chairs to join your local CoP or Ilene Goldberg at if you do not see a CoP in your area and are interested in starting one.


CoP Name E-mail
Alabama John Gill
Arizona Bryan Bernardo
Atlanta (Ga) Webb Embry webb.embry@
Carolinas David Craft Dcraft@rodgers
Cascadia-Portland John Strickland
Cascadia-Seattle Jack Avery
Central Florida Ted Angelo
Central Indiana Andrea Sponsel
Chicago Rich Seiler
Colorado Charles Rountree charlesrountree@
Dallas Fort Worth Mike Kotubey mike.kotubey@
Houston Stewart Trapino
Kansas City Brooke Coffin
Las Vegas Jim Cavaness jcavaness@
Los Angeles/Orange County Kris Manning kris.manning@
Memphis & Mid-South Patrick Johnston
Michigan Ilene Goldberg igoldberg@
Mid Atlantic Kevin Labrecque kevin.labrecque@
Middle Tennessee Kevin Millen
Nat'l Capital Region Peter Ukstins pukstins@
New England Nick Masci
New Mexico Sean Williams
New York Sam Spata
Northern California Erik Winje
Ohio Valley Joe Cleves
San Antonio Brandon Gaeke
San Diego Sandra LeDrew sledrew@mascari
Southern Florida Roberto Charron Roberto_Charron@
Upper Midwest Eli Mastin Eli.Mastin@


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LCI wishes everyone and their families a safe and happy holiday season.


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