2021 Lean Virtual Summit

2021 Lean Virtual Summit

November 4, 11 am to 5 pm EST

Join us from anywhere for a compact and convenient day of curated Lean learning!

We’re featuring some of the best Lean thinking at the 2021 Lean Virtual Summit. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn the latest Lean practices during a convenient, accessible program.

Why Attend?

  • Are you new to Lean? Jump start your Lean journey with this impactful day of learning.
  • Did you miss the 2021 Congress? This is your chance to engage on cutting-edge Lean methods with your design and construction peers this fall.
  • Are you an international attendee or currently unable to travel? To ensure inclusiveness, the Lean Virtual Summit offers an accessible option for exploring actionable Lean practices.

Explore these Topics during the Summit:

  • The Business Case for Lean—Operational Excellence Improved by Lean
  • Changing a Skeptic's Mind by Integrating Flintco's Lean 2.0® and Design-Build Done Right®
  • Lean Learnings from Prefabrication at the Virgin Hotel New Orleans
  • Mayo Clinic East Expansion—An Integrated Approach to Steel Cost Savings
  • Reducing Constraint Clouds to See Wisconsin Sunshine—Solar Project Standardized Work

Learn from our Dynamic Keynote Speaker:

Dennis Doran, Author, Soft as Steel

Dennis Doran has spent over 30 years in the construction industry as a contractor, consultant, and trainer, and is a sought-after and relatable speaker. He brings a broad perspective to discussing the core issues affecting all industries, including those related to relationships, processes, continuous improvement, and ethics and integrity.

View the program to learn more about speakers and sessions—and make your plans to attend!