2012 LCI Design Forum Presentations

What is Value?

What is Lean in Design?

Markku Allison, AIA + Jim Jankowski, FAIA:

What is Value in Design?
Al Schwarzkopf and Robby Wood:

What Is Value In Design?
Architects Panel:

Maximizing Value: Decision-Making in Design

Making Good Decisions That Stick: Tools for Sound Decision-Making
Todd Henderson, AIA:

BIM Enabled Set-Based Design

Andreas Phelps, PE:

Adding Value in Design: Cardboard and Collaboration at the University of Iowa
Stacey Root, AIA, and Randy Cram, AIA:

Glenn and Greg Thursday Debrief:

Measuring Value

Just the Facts - Measuring Value in Sustainability, Evidence Based Design and Lean Design
David Buckley, AIA, HOK:

Measuring Green
Laura Lesniewski, AIA + Sarah Hirsch, BNIM:

Moving Toward an Evidence Based Practice
Zofia Rybkowski, PhD:

What is the Role of Design in Lean?

Case Study
Robert Pratt, AIA, Pratt Design Studio:

Conference Close-out

Conference Close-out