2018 Last Planners Workshop

March 21, 2018 | Oakland, CA

Bay Area SMACNA Offices 7677 Oakport Street, Suite 805 Oakland, CA 94621

Attend the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Last Planner®s' Workshop to hone your skills in implementing Lean Project Delivery.

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Workshop Topics

Attendees will decide on-site which topics to pursue in breakout discussion sessions based on a list of potential subjects, such as:

  • Production design using Takt Time
  • LPS Milestone Planning, Phase Pull Planning, Look Ahead Planning
  • LPS Weekly Work Planning
  • LPS Metrics & Tracking
  • Better practices for Onboarding
  • New role as Lean Leaders
  • Helping field team "see" waste and take action

Join other Last Planner®s from LCI corporate member firms as they meet peers, share ideas and learn from each other and advance their implementation of Lean approaches. Benefit from practical implementation advice and engage with colleagues in the field who are using Lean and facing many of the same challenges. This is a highly collaborative forum for superintendents, foremen, and tactical field managers to share in a small-scale learning environment (40-50 attendees) in an approach geared to providing in-depth learning and sharing. Build connections among experienced peers for continued knowledge sharing across regions during and after the event. Note: This event is specifically tailored for those with considerable workface experience in implementing Last Planner® and other Lean techniques on projects. There will be a brief survey response required to help us assess that attendees have the Lean project experience necessary to participate fully and effectively in the workshop. We want attendees to be able to contribute from their experience, as well as gain from the insights of others. If you have gained such experience in Lean implementation and are looking to collaborate with others on their challenges and successes, this is the event for you.

Planning Team Members

Felipe Engineer-Manrique McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Kristin Hill Lean Construction Institute
Henry Nutt III Southland Industries
Christian Pikel Realignment Group