LCI Guest Blog Information

LCI Guest Blog Information

The Lean Construction Institute is an association whose objective is to improve the design and construction industry through Lean approaches and methods. The association does this by providing Lean training, annual events, Communities of Practice (CoPs), blog posts, publications, funding research, etc.

The objective of the Lean Construction Institute blog is to spread Lean ideas and stories with our community in a concise quick read format. The LCI blog hopes to identify specific topics and get detailed applicable information to readers.  

LCI Mission and Vision Statements:

LCI Mission: To lead the building industry in transforming its practices and culture

LCI Vision: Re-integrating a siloed industry and creating exceptional value for all stakeholders

As a guest blogger you will gain:

  • Exposure to the entire LCI network. This network includes professionals from all 50 states as well as an international audience
  • Opportunity to have a voice as a leader within the Lean industry
    Lean Construction Institute blog readers represent the following: academia, architecture, consultants, engineers, general contractors and owners (trade partners?). LCI is the original thought leader of Lean as applicable to the design and construction industry. Since 1997 we have been working to share Lean within the design and construction industry. With over 225 member companies, the LCI blog is the place to be for sharing your ideas.
  • Exposure on LCI’s social media platforms. The Lean Construction Institute LinkedIn page thousands of followers who are connecting with us daily. LCI blog posts are circulated on our platforms when they go live!
  • The chance to share your ideas and perspective on Lean
  • Exposure to the LCI network through the previously listed channels
    Please note, the LCI blog is not meant to be used as a way to promote your services or as an advertisement for certain organizations or products. The goal is to share ideas in a fair and objective manner to encourage further discussion about the application of Lean.

Guest blog process:

  • Guest blog candidate will fill out short form, which will ask for short synopsis of blog topic. This form will be reviewed internally by the LCI staff.
  • Once notified that your blog proposal has been accepted, guest blogger must submit draft blog copy to Olivia Manous, Manager, Marketing and Events, a week from the notification day.
  • Olivia will review your blog and ensure it meets the following criteria:

- Clearly presented information
- Relevant to the Lean design and construction industry
- Clear use of Lean methods and approaches
- Free of grammatical or formatting errors
- Correct use of Lean terminology as relevant to design and construction
- Correct use of trademarks and copyrighted materials

  • Your blog post will be returned for your final review. Any changes or edits that the guest blogger does not agree with must be addressed within 3 business days.
  • After 3 business days, blog will be scheduled within the LCI marketing calendar. This date will be communicated to you as the author. Please feel free to share the blog URL with your colleagues.

Blog requirements:

  1. Attention grabbing headline
  2. Include photo relevant to the blog, if possible
  3. Blog length: 500-1000 words
  4. Citation, if applicable
  5. Author information: name, title, organization and LinkedIn URL

Guest Blogger Conditions of Satisfaction (CoS):

  • Being a guest blogger is a benefit of being an LCI Corporate Member
  • Guest blogger must have demonstrable experience applying Lean methods and approaches within the design and construction industry
  • Guest blogger must commit to having blog materials available within the timeline laid out in the above section
  • Within blog post, be specific about how Lean implementation has been a catalyst for positive change
  • Minimum 1 draft must be submitted and reviewed by Olivia Manous before it may be posted onto the LCI website
  • The author and LCI jointly share the copyright of your post on the blog. Please feel free to use the content elsewhere, but cite the LCI blog as the original source.

LCI appreciates your support of Lean within the design and construction industry and we look forward to sharing your ideas with our network!