#LCISafety photo campaign

Staying safe is a top priority for LCI corporate members. Respect for people is a cornerstone of the Lean culture and cannot be achieved unless the safety of all team members is put above all else. Check out each LCI corporate member’s #LCISafety photos below to see their Lean safety innovations!

#LCISafety photo campaign winner

Dimeo Construction won the photo campaign with these three #LCISafety photos and will host a LCI Safety Webinar.

Dimeo Construction

Stairway Protection – The use of Lean design study, off site fabrication allowed Dimeo to protect 66 precast stairways with no defects and early turnover #LCISafety
Metal Decking – By leveraging Lean practices (i.e. RCA, early trade involvement and first run study) Dimeo was able to deliver a Zero Defect safety outcome #LCISafety
Visualization provides respect for people, as names & credential levels of competent & qualified workers are identified, team members have access to crane info, crane & rigging configuration, loads & required cribbing available within an A3. Everyone on the same page #LCISafety

#LCISafety photo campaign entries

Balfour Beatty


Balfour Beatty conducts national bi-weekly retrospectives of all HiPo incidents with a visual overview of each incident and root cause analysis with countermeasures. Our searchable HiPo database enables our people to pull lessons learned from our collective experience as needed.

Harmon Inc.


Pics show approaches we use together to drive safety. Pic 1 show assembly employee led improvements to reduce risk by using bar clamps instead of a mallet to clamp parts. Pic 2 shows a FMEA based JHA. We use this to evaluate potential risks.



With jobsite safety in mind, our piping fab shop foreman in Ohio created this Mechanical Grooves System Cart which has all of the required tools to groove pipe in one place and is mobile to easily move throughout the jobsite #LCISafety @LeanConstruct

Southland Industries


Our Safety Box is a lean improvement we implemented to keep all PPE and safety equipment, signage, inspection forms, safety plans, and first aid supplies all in one convenient location on our project sites. #LCISafety #leanthinking #southlandlife

SSOE Group


Lean on safety: SSOE’s mobile app allows employees on-site and in office to quickly file incident reports and safety observations—for both safe and at-risk behaviors—that are immediately sent to our safety manager to optimize the whole and eliminate waste. #LCISafety

Warfel Construction


At Warfel, we value people: our clients, our clients’ customers & staff, and our construction professionals. Our top priority is safety, which means our clients’ projects run smoothly with fewer delays, and the people they care about are treated with respect. #LCISafety



At Webcor, we value the strength of diversity and our practices rely on an active caring approach to safety. We work on creating an environment that empowers our workers to have a voice. We want people to truly believe that their voice matters and we all Speak Up for Safety.

XL Construction


From beginning to end, XL’s Lean Safety Innovation process takes every precaution to create a safe environment. One example is using visual communication to ensure that from five feet away, anyone should be able to recognize a hazard in five seconds or less.

Balfour Beatty


At the State of Texas Capitol Complex, Phase 1, Senior Project Manager Lisa Aguirre has taken 2D Public Safety plans to a new height by coordinating in a 3D model for site staff to use while in construction, to help plan, mitigate, and spatially understand construction to

SSOE Group


See it. Log it. Lean. Using innovative technology like Autodesk BIM 360 on-site allows safety audits and observations to be sent to the entire project team in real time and corrected almost as fast—helping us eliminate waste and continuously improve. #LCISafety #ForSafetysSake

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