Lean Construction Institute: Academic Program Offerings

One of the many side effects of responding to COVID-19 was the need to go fully virtual with the LCI Congress 2020 program. This presented us with a wealth of recorded material since for the first time we were able to capture the entire program on video. Our Research Committee, made up of noted academics from institutions around the country, suggested that this also represented an excellent opportunity to provide high-quality content to augment and support design and construction coursework that includes aspects of Lean thinking and practices.

We are pleased to provide the following recordings that represent many of the highest-rated presentations given during the program--and were ranked by our Research Committee as most useful for teaching purposes. We appreciate your interest in learning more about Lean Design and Construction, and trust these presentations will contribute meaningfully to advancing your understanding of the discipline.

Live Lab - Field-Focused Lean, as Told by Three Generations of Superintendents 
Tom Guardino [Herrero Builders], David Dachauer [Herrero Builders], Bodie Bloyd [Herrero Builders]

Building Blocks for Builder’s Lean: Lessons Learned from the Field 
Keyan Zandy [Skiles Group], Joe Donarumo [Linbeck]


  • DfMA, Prefabrication, and Element-Centric Target Value Design 
    Amy Marks [Autodesk], Stan Chiu [Gensler], Dick Bayer [The ReAlignment Group Canada, Ltd]
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  • Not just for big jobs: How pre-fabrication can save time and money on small projects
    Kevin Mathews [Pepper Construction], Mike Alder [Pepper Construction], Brandon Owens [Pepper Construction]
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AdvocateAurora Outpatient Collaborative Evolution of Modular: Where we started & how we got there
Jake Hausmann [The Boldt Company], Brad Mayer [AdvocateAurora Health], Andrew Shaw [IMEG Corp.], Aaron Frederick [Marin Petersen Company, Inc.]

Transforming Chicago’s Iconic Skyscraper with Design Assist Procurement - Panel 
Brad Benhart [Purdue University], Lynda Leigh [Turner Construction Company], Andrew Wright [Glass Solutions Inc.], Seth Madole [Viracon]; Nick Casaletto [Turner/Clayco]