Lean Leader Video Submissions

Welcome to the Lean Leader Video Submission page! On this page we feature the participants in the Lean Leader Call for Videos. These videos were sent in by LCI corporate member companies, detailing their company’s latest and greatest Lean projects and techniques.

Lean Journeys:

Pankow Builders

How to Increase Construction Labor Productivity through Lean Culture

The construction industry has been facing a downturn in productivity for the last 52 years, and Pankow is turning to improving employee relationships and building strategy to “flip the curve” of the industry’s downturn. The key is ensuring every team member is invested in the success of each project, and equipped to make that success happen. Enter Lean culture, which is about becoming a learning organization in pursuit of continuous improvement. Lean Functional Huddles, the Field Training and Lean Recognition Program and company-wide sharing of Lean improvements help increase employee engagement and each individual's ability to identify and eliminate waste.

Warfel Construction

Warfel Construction Lean Video

During one of our first-ever Big-Room meetings, we captured a few hours of video to show just how useful we find the Lean process! With so many partners involved, we'll soon need to look for a bigger room!

Best Practices, Lean Improvements:

DPR Construction

Questions We Ask Ourselves

Integrated Lean Project Delivery team members who made significant contributions to the design and construction of a new hospital in Southern California share the questions they asked themselves to make the project successful.

Hoar Construction LLC

Last Planner System®implementation creates culture of collaboration

A recap of how implementing Last Planner System®on a technical and difficult project created benefits through greater collaboration and a culture shift to reliable planning and commitments.

Southland Industries

Sheetmetal Shop Lean Improvements

In this video we illustrate one way our sheet metal shop has made changes to its equipment to increase mobility and flexibility in their work space.

SSOE Group

"Capturing the Value of Design Changes Using Model-Based Estimating"

This video showcases how SSOE employed the use of model-based estimating by leveraging data embedded in the model to improve and optimize project efforts. As explained in the video, SSOE’s project team was able to track potential construction / project costs throughout the design process by extracting quantifiable data from the model that captured the financial impact of changes as they occurred. This example highlights the reconfiguration of two rooftop air handling units on a single platform—part of a larger reconfiguration of 7 total platforms—for a food client to achieve optimal design through lean project delivery.

Lean Tools and Technologies:

Balfour Beatty Construction

Lean at Balfour Beatty

Highlights of three lean practices used at Balfour Beatty - SmartStart, Pull Planning and Virtual Reality

Method Lean

The Lean Progression©

The Lean Progression© is a roadmap for the use of Lean , clarified and summarized in 5 levels: Theory, Vision, Process, Tool and Habit.

Skiles Group

Pull Plan Mannequin Challange

We wrapped up a lean pull plan session last week by having a little fun with making a mannequin challenge video. Seriously impressed with how still everyone was! Featured here are Keyan Zandy, Kolby May, Frank Coln, Buddy Brumley, Reon Williams, and Jim Guntorius from Skiles Group, and our trade partners from G&L, Trio Fire, Lundy Services, Southwest Glass, Kemna Tile, FXR Construction, Sizelove Construction, Prism Electric, Maverick Painting, All Commercial Floors, and Venture Mechanical.


Reducing Project Delays

This video shows 3 easy steps teams can take to increase Accountability.

W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company

Yates Construction Lean Leader 2

Our construction process utilizes many lean tools in order to minimize waste on site and maximize the value added activities. Our ability to rapidly adapt and correct variation during the construction process creates reliable workflow. It is the reliable workflow that allows us to reduce the cycle or takt times and focus on throughput within trades. This also allows us to improve the construction process and finish projects on or prior to scheduled milestones.