Advanced Studies in Estimating and Integrated Cost Management

LCI is excited to partner with UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education in support of their academic certificate program, Advanced Studies in Estimating and Integrated Cost Management Certificate Program. Designed for estimators, project managers, owners, design professionals and engineers, this program follows and teaches Lean construction, Target Value Delivery and Integrated Project Delivery principles that can help your organization stand out in a competitive market. 

Designed for experienced professionals that want to take their take their training and expertise to the next level, UC Davis’ 12-Month Program includes in-depth study in the following:

  • Active Estimating Concept and Application
  • Technologies in Project Management and Estimating
  • Behavioral Implementation in Target Value Design and Delivery
  • Implementing the Mechanics of Target Value Design Delivery Capstone

12 Academic Credit Units (120 hours of course time) Approved by UC Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Additional learning outcomes and benefits:

  • Develop a process to adapt to changing conditions throughout the entire project timeline continuum
  • Design individual approaches to measure and interpret data
  • Identify ways to reduce risk by evaluating cycle jumps and cracks in your process
  • Differentiate yourself by honing a contemporary set of skills, behaviors and knowledge that will help you evolve to meet emerging challenges and opportunities head-on
  • By using Lean methodology, learn an Active approach to estimating
  • Target Value Delivery Principles and Tools
  • Use of Integrated Project Delivery and application of new technologies


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