2021 Issue

ISSN 1555-1369

Technical Papers

  1. "Critical Success Factors for Lean Construction: An Empirical Study in the UAE"
    Murad Sawalha and Mohamed Watfa
    pp. 01-17
    Paper in PDF
  2. "Improving Green Building Project Management Processes through the Lean Approach" 
    Alessandro Orsi, Tariq Sami Abdelhamid, Eugenio Pellicer, and Ignacio Guillén-Guillamón
    pp. 156-179 
    Paper in PDF
  3. "The Evolution of Lean Construction Education at US-based Companies" 
    Lincoln H. Forbes, Zofia K. Rybkowski, and Cynthia C. Y. Tsao
    pp. 182-193 
    Paper in PDF
  4. "The Stakeholder Value Delivery Model" 
    Frode Drevland
    pp. 194-203 
    Paper in PDF
  5. "Key Planning Steps Enabling Systematic Lean Implementation on Construction Projects" 
    Sagata Bhawani, John Messner, and Rob Leicht
    pp. 204-227 
    Paper in PDF

Case Studies

  1. "Qwikinstall: Justified-for-Time Delivery, and Installation of a Hollow Metal Door Frame System"
    Ali Lahouti and Don Maybee
    pp. 18-35
    Paper in PDF
  2. "Improving Commissioning and Qualification Delivery Using Last Planner System®"
    William Power, Derek Sinnott, and Aidan Mullin
    pp. 36-52 
    Paper in PDF

Forum Essays

Process Benchmarks

    Glenn Ballard and Iris Tommelein
    pp. 53-155 
    Paper in PDF

Book Reviews

In Memoriam

  1. "David Seymour: An Obituary""
    John Rooke 
    pp. 180-181 
    Paper in PDF

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