The success of Lean Construction Institute's (LCI) efforts to transform the construction and design industry is in large part due to our incredible member base and the collaboration of ideas from leaders across the design and construction industries.

Our member base is comprised of:


We promote owners' understanding of the benefits of Lean, including: enhancing the ability of contractors and designers to meet conditions of satisfaction at every stage of project production; keeping projects on or ahead of schedule; reducing waste; and cut cost throughout the project life cycle. Our distinguished, nationally-recognized owner organizations are represented in both our membership and on our board of directors, including such organizations as Intel, Universal Health Services, UC/San Francisco, Ford Motor Company, Google and Walt Disney Imagineering. View all

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Design Professionals

By engaging concurrently in the design process with those who will procure services and execute the design, the client's concerns and changing needs can be better identified and satisfied as they arise. Our growing list of members from the design community are benefiting greatly from Lean's ability to enhance value in designs. Membership in LCI affords architects as well as engineering and design firms a unique opportunity to explore how Target Value Design and other Lean techniques can enhance designs, boost productive collaboration, and save clients time and money.


Lean tools and techniques provide a structured and proven approach to collaboration in all aspects of project delivery, from initial design work to final delivery to the client. Contractors are benefiting greatly from Lean approaches to eliminate waste, promote on-site safety, keep projects on or ahead of schedule, and get everyone in the supply chain working together most effectively for the benefit of the project as a whole. Delivering projects at less cost, on or ahead of schedule, with better owner satisfaction at every stage of the process, creates an incredible competitive advantage.

Trade Partners

Our trade partner members are discovering that participation in Lean projects makes their voice a more respected one at the table, providing an opportunity to head off poor scheduling decisions that drive waste, re-work and general frustration. Much like our contractors are experiencing, trade partners are able to deliver projects at less cost, on or ahead of schedule, with better owner satisfaction at every stage of the process, creating the potential for significant competitive advantage.